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As always, thank you for reading and if there is any news that you think should be covered, add it to the comments! Tony Gonsolin Likely to Make Season Debut on Wednesday (Link) Gonsolin was dynamite in 2022, firing 130.1 IP with a 2.14 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, and 119 strikeouts. 

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2022 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Baseball

WELCOME BACK!!! These long winter months can be some of the darkest of the year (figuratively and literally) and even more so this year, with that thing-that-shall-not-be-named halting a boondoggle of an offseason. But fear not, restless readers. The Dynasty Guru is here to the rescue. Our brave group of

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Picture it. It is your birthday and you’ve spent most of your day in bed due to illness (non-COVID, thank goodness). What a crappy birthday. You feel horrible and even if you did feel great you couldn’t go anywhere due to social distancing. Sigh. *Phone lights up* Ugh. Is this

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WELCOME BACK!!! Despite a scorching hot stove (I can’t believe the player you’re thinking of did or did not sign with the team you thought they would!), January and February can be some of the darkest months of the year (figuratively and literally). But fear not, restless readers. The Dynasty

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It’s hotter than the surface of the sun where I live and I’m going on vacation in three days, so let’s skip the pussyfooting around and get right down to business. Several of the top catching prospects made it to the majors this year and/or exhausted their rookie eligibility, including Blake

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2015 Dynasty League RankingsUncategorized

Congratulations on surviving another off-season. Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to spend the next month  traveling across the positional landscape, labeling players with numbers that correspond to their value. It’s the very definition of freedom. A ton of hard work was put into these rankings,

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2014 Dynasty League RankingsUncategorized

We’ve finally made it. From the 21st of January to the 20th of February, the writers at TDG will be taking you through our rankings position-by-position. As I mentioned in the primer, this year we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of having my personal rankings up on this site,

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