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Dynasty BasketballDynasty Basketball Rankings

Readers – I thank you for your patience. I have not lost my fire for dynasty sports (not even one bit!), but this year the demands of a new job, baby number two… you get it. I have always been fairly aggressive in favor of youth, but you may notice

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2018 Dynasty Basketball RankingsDynasty Basketball

I thought that the 2018 Summer League did more to change my opinion of players than ever before. It could be a fluke (it’s probably a fluke), but it also be that the difference between NCAA basketball and pro basketball has never been wider. Kevin Knox demonstrated ball handling skills,

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2018 Dynasty Basketball Rankings

Welcome to TDG top 34 rookies for dynasty basketball, reader. Please share, join the conversation by commenting below, on Twitter and on our Facebook page. I’ll try to do a Reddit AMA, too.

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