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2023 Dynasty Baseball Rankings

The rankings continue! This week, the Gurus tackle first base, starting with #31-50. Enjoy and thanks for reading! 31) Luke Voit, Free Agent, (Age: 32, Previous Rank: 26) Voit flashed as a 29-year-old in 2020 and based on current trends that were also his peak. He had a shot at

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Dynasty Baseball

Hey everybody, your friendly neighborhood dynasty dad here. Thank you as always for tuning in for some more Top-500 OBP list action! A few notes and various housekeeping items before we dive right in this time, in list form, as is my right: The list is now a Saves +

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Dynasty BaseballGeneralProspect Talk

This piece is intended to be a collection of thoughts and observations from the team here at The Dynasty Guru that can help fantasy managers make roster decisions. Often times our mornings start off by sipping a cup of coffee while perusing the box scores from the previous night’s games.

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Dynasty BaseballScouting the Statline

Scouting the Statline focuses on using aging curves and major league equivalencies to generate peak projections. Peak projections put all minor and major leaguers on equal footing for comparative purposes, allowing us to easily build data-based rankings and leaderboards.

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2022 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Baseball

WELCOME BACK!!! These long winter months can be some of the darkest of the year (figuratively and literally) and even more so this year, with that thing-that-shall-not-be-named halting a boondoggle of an offseason. But fear not, restless readers. The Dynasty Guru is here to the rescue. Our brave group of

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2020 Dynasty Baseball Rankings

The 2020 season is just about upon us, and TDG ranking SZN is almost concluded. So far the incredible rankings team of 26 writers has ranked and written up more than 600 players. Now that all the positional rankings have been completed and released, that just leaves one left: The

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2020 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Baseball

WELCOME BACK!!! Despite a scorching hot stove (I can’t believe the player you’re thinking of did or did not sign with the team you thought they would!), January and February can be some of the darkest months of the year (figuratively and literally). But fear not, restless readers. The Dynasty

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Evan Gattis
Digging for DiamondsDynasty BaseballDynasty Baseball RankingsWhat To Do About...

Spring (winter) baseball is underway and rankings season at The Dynasty Guru is coming to a close. For the last two-plus months of winter, our group of 20+ mostly grown men have been huddled up in the warmth of our lively Slack group ranking and arguing if and where players

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Bold Predictions

1. Jose Abreu goes off for 40+ HRs/100+ RBIs He didn’t destroy Cuba because he is bad. He destroyed Cuba because he is really good and he wasn’t allowed to play anywhere else. Probably the best Cuban to compare Abreu to is Kendry Morales and Abreu blew Morales’ Cuban numbers

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