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Players fall off the map every year. Some declines we see coming; some we don’t. After being aggressively drafted back in the spring, the following players have all experienced sickening declines in value in the season’s first half. The extent of each player’s depreciation is probably beyond what even the

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Bold PredictionsDynasty Baseball

I was going to start this off by saying, “It’s prediction season.” Really, when isn’t it? These days, people predict everything. In that regard, I’m going to be a follower. I’ll be making some fantasy baseball predictions with your dynasty league in mind; some will be more statistical, and others

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Buster Posey, Willson Contreras, and the already seemingly-immortal Gary Sanchez – all of them are alright to own at catcher in a dynasty league, to say the least. Of course, if you do not happen to own stock in one of these commodities, where else can you look? Sure there

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