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2020 Dynasty Baseball RankingsCurrent Events

While we still have playoff drama, the offseason has already begun for most teams. This has meant tons of mock drafts and more time for in-depth ruminative analysis–one of my favorite times of year.

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Current Events

Since last season, I’ve been updating expected strikeout and walk rate leaderboards for pitchers, using data from Baseball Savant. They have now been updated through the games of August 1st this year. I will update approximately weekly, not always with an article in accompaniment, so be sure to bookmark if

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Dynasty Baseball

My social distancing experience thus far is best summed up in two ways: increased hours of Fallout 4 (underrated!) and Outer Worlds on PlayStation, and ruminations on baseball power metrics. Let’s continue with the latter!

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Dynasty BaseballProspect Talk

Minor league data is not yet at the same quality of MLB data, but it’s catching up. In the past few years, key new data sources have become available to the prospect analyst: FanGraphs and Baseball America now offer average exit velocity, while Prospects Live offers fly ball distance, and

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Dynasty BaseballGeneralWhat To Do About...

The baseball fanatic in me, and hopefully in you, loves when Statcast releases a new tool to try and help us understand the game. This year, it’s publicly available “expected statistics.” For hitters, that means using the percentage of time a batted ball equals a certain result to determine what

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