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It’s a weird time to be a Lakers fan. Yes, they’ve got LeBron James and Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, but somehow they suck. Now I would never use such negative words to describe an opposing team, I reserve them for cursing at the Knicks when we

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Christmas is the unofficial opening day for novice NBA fans. In Dynasty Leagues it has become a time to honestly asses where your team stands.  We are already 10 weeks into the campaign, which makes us almost to the halfway mark of the fantasy regular season. This post isn’t for

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Bold PredictionsDynasty Basketball

The Chicago Bulls provided a rare, pre-christmas NBA storyline with a 7-0 run following Nikola Mirotic’s return from a teammate induced broken face. As most expected, the run was short-lived and the Bulls have refocused on ping-pong balls. However, in fantasy land, some of these bulls could be league winners

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