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Each month, The Dynasty Guru will provide a prospect update, including notable performances (good and bad), assignments, promotions, trades, injuries, and suspensions. Most importantly, the monthly update will examine prospects with increasing and decreasing fantasy value, from the elite to the obscure.

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Dynasty Baseball RankingsPodcast

Hello fellow baseball people of the world! For access to the pod, click here. This weeks episode breaks down the TDG catcher rankings!  We are bringing the commesurate amount of energy needed and deserved for catchers in this episode! For those interested, you can access all of our dynasty rankings

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Dynasty BaseballDynasty Dynamics

It’s that time of year where we start to analyze the 2018 season and see what players are going to be climbing up or falling down draft boards in 2019. I’ll be going through position by position to find guys I expect to be risers and fallers, or the guys

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Digging for DiamondsDynasty BaseballWhat To Do About...

Before the season, we had a vigorous rankings debate at the catcher position. The discussion: where should we rank J.T. Realmuto, Salvador Perez and Francisco Mejia? On top of that, our consensus rankings ranked Austin Barnes at #8, ahead of productive players like Wilson Ramos, Welington Castillo (when not suspended),

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Francisco Mejia, Catcher, Cleveland Indians
Digging for DiamondsDynasty BaseballDynasty Prospect Rankings

The Dynasty Guru recently released its annual consensus rankings of the top 50 dynasty league catchers (#1-20 and #21-50). While the top 50 detailed several prospects, the following rankings focus solely on–and dive deeper into–fantasy catcher prospects. Catcher is a surprisingly deep position. Due to the learning curve and physical

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2018 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Baseball

It’s been a slow off-season. Like, a really slow off-season. With the hot stove frigid, fantasy baseball players haven’t had many ways to quench their thirst, unless they’ve thrown themselves head-first into football, basketball, or hockey. January and February can be some of the darkest months of the year (figuratively

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Digging for DiamondsDynasty Baseball

I know what you’re thinking: “he’s a catcher and the catching landscape is so boring it’s Elon Musk’s right hand man at The Boring Company” (yes that’s a real thing, they have hats). While that is generally correct, the fact that he’s a catcher probably played a role in why

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Buster Posey, Willson Contreras, and the already seemingly-immortal Gary Sanchez – all of them are alright to own at catcher in a dynasty league, to say the least. Of course, if you do not happen to own stock in one of these commodities, where else can you look? Sure there

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Digging for DiamondsGeneral

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year! No, not the holidays, I’m talking about prospects list season! This is the beginning of a series on sleepers, breakout, and post-hype prospects, starting today with post-hype catchers. These are guys who may or may not have exceeded rookie status (130 Major League at-bats) but who aren’t

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2016 Dynasty League RankingsUncategorized

This site now has four years’ worth of Bret’s top 500. The consensus rankings have changed a bit over the years, but the top 500 has remained. Since 2013, the top 500 has been a great tool to evaluate players across the span of age and position. It’s been an indispensable resource for teams preparing for drafts, comparing trade values, or considering how some of the game’s top prospects stack up against productive veterans. Compared to the consensus ranks, the top 500 represents the undiluted opinion of a singular Pepsi One-addled mind. We may not all agree on each player’s individual ranking, but we keep coming back year after year for more.

While these lists have been a great tool for evaluating players against each other, they also provide, as a whole, a window into the state of the player universe. By stepping back from the player-by-player comparison and looking at trends in this year’s’ list compared to the previous lists, we can find trends around the state of each position. What can comparing the 2016 top 500 to previous years tell us about which positions are shallow or deep heading into the year? What can we learn from these lists about the strength of prospects at each position in order to predict future positional scarcity?

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