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2022 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Prospect RankingsProspect TalkScouting the Statline

This prospect rankings article updates my offseason prospect projections piece, making use of my research on aging and the minor leagues featured at ‘Scout the Stat Line,’ a website Ross Jensen and I co-publish.

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2022 Dynasty Baseball Rankings

Hello and welcome back to the PROSPECTS ONLY portion of our ranking SZN, continuing on with the second have of our 2B portion! Lots of major league ready and lower-level talent on this list, but a list deep in promise and ability! We hope you enjoy the list and feel

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2021 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Prospect RankingsScouting the Statline

This article continues an annual series providing peak projections for prospects. The projections are derived from peak major league equivalencies that use my (Jordan’s) aging curves and league translations to convert every player’s statistics to the same peak MLB (American League) baseline, making it easier to compare players at different

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Dynasty BaseballPodcast

  Taylor and Joe invite Guru Ken Balderston onto the pod to discuss his recent 2021 FYPD Rankings. As usual, they throw out some general takeaways, hot takes, jumpers, risky players, highlight both some players ranked outside the top-50 as well as some players to draft if you are in

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Prospect Talk

Welcome and thank you for reading! I’m proud to present the final update of my personal FYPD and International signee rankings. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent looking at video and reading scouting reports, listening to executives talk about these guys with the media, and reviewing their

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