A Good Ol’ Weekend AQA (All Questions Answered)

As the number of questions I get on Twitter have seen a bump since the season has started (which I would expect), I am going start up a simple, old-fashioned AQA for this weekend. And yes, that means “All Questions Answered”. For those of you not familiar with the concept of an AQA, it’s really simple — you leave a question in the comments and we will answer it. We may not answer it within five minutes or an hour, but every question left in this thread will get an answer.

So if you have trades you’re mulling over, roster decisions to make or just want some advice that is not particularly easy to cut down to 140 characters, leave it in the comments. We will take questions on all types of leagues: dynasty, keeper, redraft, sim, etc. If you play it, you can ask it. Or even if you want to ask something random and non-baseball related, we’ll answer it. I take the ALL in AQA very seriously. Unsolicited compliments are also welcome (neigh, encouraged). And as a reminder, it’s very easy to find any of us on Twitter–

Bret: @dynastyguru
Craig: @cdgoldstein
Ben: @bcarsley22

So fire away. We’ll be waiting.