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Well, the time has come ladies and gentlemen, the end of ranking season for the prospect team and we decided to give you an extra 100 prospects to know for those deep leagues.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us, we truly appreciate and wouldn`t be here without you. As a reminder, if you are so inclined we are a site that runs on donations exclusively and the link to that should be on the front page. A small donation gets you access to all of our rankings early, and access to a really cool Discord filled with fantasy baseball obsessed individuals talking shop at all hours of the day.

I want to thank the prospect team for doing an awesome job this year; Chris Knock, Brian Labude, Daniel Labude, Greg Hoogkamp, Ross Jensen, Drew Klein and of course our fearless leader Taylor Case for letting us run wild.

We hope you enjoy

1Jackson Holliday
2Jackson Chourio
3Wyatt Langford
4Junior Caminero
5Jordan Lawlar
6Evan Carter
7James Wood
8Dylan Crews
9Paul Skenes
10Coby Mayo
11Colt Keith
12Ricky Tiedemann
13Jasson Dominguez
14Andrew Painter
15Samuel Basallo
16Adael Amador
17Pete Crow-Armstrong
18Kyle Manzardo
19Jackson Jobe
20Walker Jenkins
21Roman Anthony
22Cade Horton
23Emmanuel Rodriguez
24Jackson Merrill
25Matt Shaw
26Ethan Salas
27Colson Montgomery
28Lazaro Montes
29Noelvi Marte
30Chase DeLauter
31Colton Cowser
32Xavier Isaac
33Max Clark
34Owen Caissie
35Heston Kjerstad
36Jett Williams
37Ronny Mauricio
38Termarr Johnson
39Kyle Harrison
40Tyler Black
41Carson Williams
42Brady House
43Marcelo Mayer
44Sebastian Walcott
45Jacob Misiorowski
46Noah Schultz
47AJ Smith-Shawver
48Colt Emerson
49Brock Wilken
50Mason Miller
51Orelvis Martinez
52Hurston Waldrep
53Gabriel Gonzalez
54Abimelec Ortiz
55Harry Ford
56Robby Snelling
57Victor Scott II
58Nolan Schanuel
59Ryan Clifford
60Jonatan Clase
61Chase Hampton
62Brooks Lee
63Graham Pauley
64Connor Norby
65Thomas Saggese
66Cole Young
67Daniel Espino
68Yanquiel Fernandez
69Kyle Teel
70Austin Wells
71Carlos Jorge
72Drew Thorpe
73Dylan Lesko
74Ceddanne Rafaela
75Jeferson Quero
76Drew Gilbert
77Thayron Liranzo
78Blaze Jordan
79Ben Brown
80Justyn-Henry Malloy
81Noble Meyer
82Curtis Mead
83Roderick Arias
84Sterlin Thompson
85Rhett Lowder
86Connor Phillips
87Everson Pereira
88Dalton Rushing
89Moises Ballesteros
90Jace Jung
91Tink Hence
92Hector Rodriguez
93Bryan Ramos
94Tekoah Roby
95Brock Porter
96Nelson Rada
97Victor Bericoto
98Leo De Vries
99Sal Stewart
100Spencer Jones
101Lawrence Butler
102Echedry Vargas
103Masyn Winn
104Andy Pages
105Luisangel Acuna
106Mick Abel
107Arjun Nimmala
108Luis Baez
109Druw Jones
110Kevin Alcantara
111Luke Adams
112Josue De Paula
113Aidan Miller
114Tyler Locklear
115Jack Leiter
116Samuel Zavala
117Bryce Eldridge
118Carson Whisenhunt
119Michael Busch
120Luis Lara
121Joendry Vargas
122DL Hall
123Joey Ortiz
124Jakob Marsee
125Justin Crawford
126Chase Petty
127Tommy Troy
128Edgar Quero
129Hunter Goodman
130Gavin Stone
131Edwin Arroyo
132Felnin Celesten
133Marco Luciano
134John Cruz
135Cam Collier
136Wilmer Flores
137Ivan Melendez
138Jared Jones
139Ryan Bliss
140Brayden Taylor
141Rayner Arias
142Max Meyer
143Chase Dollander
144Parker Meadows
145James Triantos
146Juan Brito
147Addison Barger
148Jackson Ferris
149Tai Peete
150Jordan Beck
151Anthony Solometo
152Justin Foscue
153Bubba Chandler
154Eduardo Quintero
155Miguel Bleis
156Zach Dezenzo
157Nick Yorke
158Christian Scott
159Yu-Min Lin
160Joey Loperfido
161Jairo Iriarte
162Ricardo Cabrera
163Matt Mervis
164Alexander Canario
165Robert Gasser
166Zac Veen
167Will Warren
168Welbyn Francisca
169Kevin McGonigle
170Tyler Soderstrom
171David Festa
172Brayan Rocchio
173Ignacio Alvarez
174Cade Povich
175Wilyer Abreu
176Jefferson Rojas
177Jacob Wilson
178Diego Cartaya
179Brandon Barriera
180Nick Frasso
181Joe Boyle
182Keiner Delgado
183Joey Cantillo
184Mason Montgomery
185Kumar Rocker
186Jacob Melton
187Chase Davis
188Jaison Chourio
189Thomas White
190Paulino Santana
191Ty Madden
192Carlos F. Rodriguez
193Ben Rice
194Walker Martin
195Chase Meidroth
196Jud Fabian
197Cristhian Vaquero
198Cade Cavalli
199Henry Lalane
200Nathan Martorella
201Jonny DeLuca
202Nick Nastrini
203Wade Meckler
204Dustin Harris
205Kyle Hurt
206Tsung-Che Cheng
207Jorbit Vivas
208Ramon Ramirez
209Michael Arroyo
210Cooper Hjerpe
211Mac Horvath
212Enrique Bradfield Jr.
213Enmanuel Tejeda
214Kevin Parada
215Jarlin Susana
216Mike Vasil
217Kyren Paris
218Ty Floyd
219Leonardo Balcazar
220Trey Sweeney
221Kristian Robinson
222Mason Black
223Yohandy Morales
224Ronan Kopp
225Won-Bin Cho
226Deyvison De Los Santos
227Chayce McDermott
228Alfredo Duno
229Elijah Green
230Osleivis Basabe
231Sawyer Gipson-Long
232Damiano Palmegiani
233Josue Briceno
234Carlos De La Cruz
235Yophery Rodriguez
236Andres Chaparro
237River Ryan
238Dylan Beavers
239Jordan Wicks
240George Wolkow
241Brandon Winokur
242Thomas Harrington
243Agustin Ramirez
244Austin Shenton
245Brice Matthews
246Owen Murphy
247Darell Hernaiz
248Dillon Head
249Marco Raya
250Clayton Beeter
251Yordanny Monegro
252Wikelman Gonzalez
253Davis Schneider
254Jose Perdomo
255Santiago Suarez
256George Lombard Jr.
257A.J. Vukovich
258Jun-Seok Shim
259Landen Roupp
260Jonathan Aranda
261Marco Vargas
262Nick Gonzales
263Jhonkensy Noel
264Ryan Bergert
265Alan Roden
266Wilfred Veras
267Gordon Graceffo
268Kala'i Rosario
269Enmanuel Bonilla
270Kahlil Watson
271Yasser Mercedes
272Creed Willems
273Vaun Brown
274Gavin Cross
275George Valera
276Blake Dunn
277Owen White
278Rayne Doncon
279Luis Suisbel
280Charlee Soto
281Cole Phillips
282Hao-Yu Lee
283Cristian Mena
284Jake Gelof
285Rafael Ramirez Jr.
286Jose Acuna
287Robert Calaz
288Travis Sykora
289Benny Montgomery
290Estuar Suero
291Orion Kerkering
292Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz
293Justice Bigbie
294Fernando Cruz
295Eduardo Herrera
296Colin Houck
297Braylin Tavera
298Dawel Joseph
299Jacob Gonzalez
300Adolfo Sanchez

The Author

Ryan Epperson

Ryan Epperson

Lead prospect analyst and managing editor for The Dynasty Guru.


  1. Dan
    March 7, 2024 at 8:01 pm

    why are these rankings different from the donation spreadsheet rankings? thx

    • March 11, 2024 at 12:42 pm

      They are not, the donation rankings have a “Pre-Debate” side and a “Post-Debate” side, you may be looking at the pre debate rankings.

  2. Stu Jackson
    March 13, 2024 at 10:18 am

    Eric Cross has Chase D (30) in his Top 10 prospects. Why so low at 30? N Marte (29) is 103 in the OBP ranks why so low at 29? Cuz of Peds?

    • March 14, 2024 at 7:20 pm

      DeLauter could be a great player, our rankings come from a consensus and 30 is where he ended up. I think there are some concerns about his swing and if it can be exposed at higher levels. He’s doing well Spring Training currently…but the quality of opposition for him in the games is around AA level as per baseball-reference. I think in tiers instead of ranks, and DeLauter would slot in firmly in the 2nd tier.

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