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The prospect mavens have been working hard over the past few months here at the TDG offices to bring you some of the best consensuses at least in our opinion rankings of the top and not-so-top prospects in the game that will hopefully give you a leg up on your competition that just looks at the MLB.com rankings (with all due respect of course.) If you`ve been with us for a while you will generally see the same rollout as past years, one week will focus on outfielders, next on shortstops, and so forth.

This year however we decided to break down our rankings into tiers and provide commentary for each tier as a whole with multiple Gurus chiming in where they see fit. This will provide more than just a single voice to the readers while letting the authors offer their opinions on players they deem worthy enough to write about. Hopefully, it will be a fun, informative read and you will come away with an idea of how a certain player is looked at by the industry.

As always, our rankings are geared towards a 15-team OBP roto league with a three to five-year view on our team.

This week we`ll be looking at the third base position.

Tier 4

26Blaze Jordan
27Brayden Taylor
28Addison Barger
29Damiano Palmegiani
30James Triantos
31Max Wagner
32Jacob Reimer
33Austin Shenton

The two names I’m targeting in this tier are Blaze Jordan and Damiano Palmegiani. Both power hitters will probably end up with similar profiles, but go about it in different ways. Jordan is a good hitter that produces power numbers and isn’t hampered by strikeouts. He only struck out 14.3% of the time in 2023, but walked only at a 7.6% rate. Palmegiani is a big power hitter with big walk rates, never being below 10% at any level in his career. On the flip side, he struck out 27.5% of the time in 2023. These two could be on the rise this coming season (Daniel Labude).

This is the wannabe tier in my opinion.  These guys just wannabe relevant, but are held back by various parts of their game. I think despite his age, 26 years old, Shenton has a lot to like about him. Between Double-A and Triple-A last year, he had a slash line of .304/.423/.584. Topping his slash line were his power numbers, 29 home runs, 45 doubles, a 16.3% walk rate, and a 26.7% strikeout rate. These numbers show a truly dominant hitter at the upper levels of the minors. It will be interesting to see if he can get a shot at playing time with the Rays this year (Brian Labude).

Blaze Jordan and Addison Barger would be my targets in this tier. Jordan came into professional baseball as a power-first teenager who hit 500-foot bombs. He has since refined his approach and showed promising command of the strike zone as a 20-year-old in High-A where he posted a 8.7% walk rate and only struck out 14.6% of the time while also posting his highest single-season home run total with 18 dingers between two levels this year.

Meanwhile, Addison Barger isn`t getting enough recognition in prospect circles I believe. Ok, the results haven`t been there…but underneath the hood looks encouraging. Barger doesn`t hit the ball on the ground a ton at 42% last year at Triple-A, pulls the ball often, and had a maxEV of 113mph last year while posting slightly above normal zone contact rates. He has a good shot at being promoted this year (well did, before the Justin Turner signing) and could be a 15/10 guy that posts decent ratios. You could certainly do worse in your MI or CI slot (Ryan).

Tier 5

34Justin Foscue
35Colin Houck
36Mac Horvath
37Cayden Wallace
38Jake Gelof
39Chase Meidroth
40Gino Groover
41Eduardo Herrera
42Rayne Doncon
43Tai Peete
44Enmanuel Tejeda
45Trevor Werner
46BJ Murray Jr.

I’m looking at redemption, or more so improvement, from a specific player in this tier, Rayne Doncon. He has the size and athleticism to be more dynamic and impactful than he was in 2023. His hit tool and strikeouts held him back some in Low-A ball, but he has the talent to improve coming into this season and put his first two seasons stateside behind him (Daniel Labude).

This final tier is built on hopes and dreams, the dreams of what might be. Herrera is a J15 International signing by the White Sox with a very quiet and smooth swing at the plate. He is already built, so he should be able to produce early and may move up the rankings as a result of the quick output. Someone already stateside who doesn’t get talked about much but should be is Trevor Werner. He didn’t produce a lot in his final season at Texas A&M, hitting .252 with 14 home runs. Following being drafted in the 7th round of the 2023 MLB Draft, he reached Low-A and his numbers were videogame-like. In 31 games, he had a slash line of .354/.459/.699. The power numbers were also very encouraging, as he hit eight home runs and 11 doubles over that same time period. If he can continue hitting like that at High-A and Double-A this year, then he will soar up the rankings. Being ranked this low to start the season, he is a definite target in very deep leagues, but otherwise, just monitor how he hits to start the season (Brian Labude).

I am now actively targeting Baltimore Orioles hitters, the results have obviously been encouraging and I have turned my eyes to one of their newest editions to the club in Mac Horvath. He may only get to league-average power, but is willing to steal a base and I will trust the Orioles development team to get the most out of his swing. Justin Foscue may need a change of scenery for a chance to break into a big league lineup, but he is showing he deserves a chance after walking more than striking out in Triple-A last year with a .201 ISO (Ryan).

The Author

Ryan Epperson

Ryan Epperson

Lead prospect analyst and managing editor for The Dynasty Guru.

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