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Here are our 2024 consensus top 10 Third Basemen!!


RankPlayerAvg. Rank
1José Ramírez2.4
2Austin Riley2.5
3Rafael Devers2.9
4Gunnar Henderson3.5
5Elly De La Cruz8
6Junior Caminero7.1
7Manny Machado7.7
8Royce Lewis7.8
9Josh Jung8.5
10Alex Bregman11

Third base is loaded this year with the big drop-off happening after Josh Jung. Any of those top nine is a great way to start a Dynasty Team and a necessary part of almost any competing team. What intrigues me about rankings, overall, is how varied they can be (especially prospect rankings) and the use of said rankings in real life. I was in a start-up four years ago and used the TDG rankings at the time, and they served me well in that the team is still competitive (getting Ronald Acuña to start helps), but from the jump, the draft went way differently than our rankings. ‘Why are you saying all of this, Phil?’ You may be asking, ‘where is the expert analysis?’ First off, I’m a dude who likes writing about other dudes who play baseball, and to be fair, I’m not a thousandaire due to my fantasy baseball writing.

Secondly, if you’ve been reading the rankings, there is mention of a TDG Dynasty League we drafted a couple of weeks ago (15-team Roto, 55-man Rosters). While not the end all, be all, it’s a group I trust to know what they’re doing in a startup Dynasty draft, and while your startup Draft won’t look the same, for this exercise, let’s see where our rankings compared to where we drafted these third basemen.

Based on our draft results, our new #1 Third Baseman would be Elly De La Cruz(12th overall pick), followed by Gunnar Henderson(17) and Austin Riley(19), with Junior Caminero(25) rounding out the top four. This is real life and the guys with tremendous upside potential will go before the stalwarts (the NBA draft has perfected this strategy). Riley and Rafael Devers, who have three straight seasons averaging 99/36/99 and 92/33/100/4, respectively, and are entering their prime years at age 27. José Ramírez, generally considered the #1 player at the position, and who has gone 20/20 five out of the last six seasons (with the sixth one being Covid2020), wasn’t drafted until pick 31 overall! I passed on him for Luis Robert, so am I one to talk, much less use an exclamation point?

My favorite upside 3B Josh Jung was taken next, with Royce Lewis and Manny Machado to follow; we have them grouped together as well, albeit in reverse order. I love me some Josh Jung and Royce Lewis, and while I know that 31-years-old Manny Machado is far from finished after a “down” season saw him hit 30 homers, I want the upside of Jung and Lewis (as did my leaguemates).

Reds prospect Noelvi Marte went next, and it was a while until the next 3B was taken, Alex Bregman, 100 picks after Marte. The fun part about a Dynasty startup draft is that, there are such different strategies at play; some managers want to build a roster completely for the future, with not trusting anyone under 30 a motto, some play for the next three seasons. I’ve played with others who are only drafting for the upcoming season because they (and we) never know what the future holds. It is important to remember that, while Dynasty Leagues should last decades, many flame out long before. The fun part is to manage the way that makes you happy and don’t sweat anyone telling you how to draft. Just remember, youth trumps all when it comes to a start-up draft, so don’t wait on taking the young gun that you want, he won’t be on the board as long as you think. (Phil Barrington)

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