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Oh and…here are our 2024 consensus #31-#50 Third Basemen!!


RankPlayerAvg. Rank
31Eugenio Suárez31.6
32Jeimer Candelario33.2
33Brock Wilken33.8
34Justyn-Henry Malloy38.5
35Graham Pauley39.3
36Mark Vientos39.6
37Sterlin Thompson41.2
38Bryan Ramos41.3
39Sal Stewart41.9
40Yoán Moncada42.8

This tier may be your last great hope if you are looking for some solid power numbers in the big leagues this season. The two I could see as useful targets for a win-now team are Eugenio Suárez and Jeimer Candelario. Suárez should be a lock for 20-30 home runs and a decent on-base percentage. Moving into the Arizona Diamondbacks lineup should give him better hitters around him and could see most of his counting stats get a boost. In batting average leagues, you will just need to manage his lack of hits overall though. Candelario could be a steal with his singing in Cincinnati, but a log jam of good young infielders, especially at first base, third base, and DH will cloud his playing time for the foreseeable future. After hitting 22 home runs in 2023, you could expect even higher totals in 2024 if he can manage to scratch out 500-600 plate appearances. 

The two young studs of this tier are Brock Wilken and Sterlin Thompson. Wilken is a power-hitting machine entering his first full pro season in the minors. He could move fast with a special bat and may reach the big leagues sooner than many expect. At Wake Forest in 2023, he hit 31 home runs in 66 games. This could be the next star power-hitting prospect if he can keep that going in the minors leagues. At 6’4”, Sterlin Thompson has great size and an even better hit tool. He hits the ball hard, but not often in the air. If he finally gets the launch angles to increase and debuts in a year or two, in Coors, watch out! He battled an injury in 2023 that slowed him down, but the most encouraging sign was his ground ball rates dropping compared to his 2022 numbers. Going from 57.3% down to 40.1% in 2023. A healthy 2024 could see him one step away from the big leagues. 

Two sneaky names to watch in this tier could be Graham Pauley and Justyn-Henry Malloy. Pauley could push his way into the Padres outfield pretty soon. He skyrocketed in 2023, hitting .308/.393/.539, with 23 home runs and 22 stolen bases across three levels. The power and speed combo with a good hit tool could be special, if he gets a chance in 2024. Malloy is being slept on in this range. He can provide big power for the Detroit Tigers and has great on-base skills, putting up a .417 OBP in 2023 at Triple-A. If you can get him in this range, he could be a steal later this season. 

A wild card in this tier is Bryan Ramos. He has the look of a power-hitting third baseman with a solid hit tool. There isn’t much in his way of competition, so watch for him to move quickly through the Chicago White Sox upper minors. If everything goes well this year, he could see the majors at the end of the season and be poised to take hold of the third base job for the next few seasons starting in 2025. 

(Daniel Labude)


RankPlayerAvg. Rank
41Jordan Westburg43.8
42Michael Busch44.5
43J.D. Davis45.5
44Cam Collier45.7
45Ezequiel Duran45.9
46Thomas Saggese46.3
47Luke Adams46.4
48Anthony Rendon46.7
49Ignacio Alvarez46.7
50Tyler Locklear46.9

You can still grab some talent here for team depth and there are some guys who could jump up after getting a taste of the majors. Yoán Moncada starts us off in this last section. Moncada improved last year when you compare his numbers to the previous two seasons but Moncada has dropped significantly because he is inconsistent at the plate. He doesn’t get on base at a high clip. He isn’t of value on the base paths. He only has minimal pop as well. There just isn’t much appeal. For all these reasons, I wouldn’t try and roster Moncada.

Someone I can get behind in this section is J.D. Davis. Having someone who can be a bench player for my team who can hit 15+ home runs in the course of a season means that I can use him on travel days and plug him into my lineup for favorable matchups. He isn’t going to dominate the stat books but his numbers are definitely serviceable for a bench guy.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michael Busch jump up this list or the first base list come next season. As of now, Busch is slated to get plenty of work at first base for the Cubs. Busch has plenty of raw power so if he can maintain a decent on-base percentage then his value will only grow. I would roster Busch anywhere because of the potential and opportunity. If you have bought in since the beginning, stay the course a little while longer.

I believe I wrote about Anthony Rendon last year. My message on him this year isn’t different than last year. Don’t do it. Just stay away. If you want someone you can roster 60 times max, then Rendon is your guy. He hasn’t played in over 60 games this decade. The only thing I can suggest is to buy low, trade as high as you can as early as you can. Do it before May because he might not be there in the summer.

I also really like two other players from this list. First is Ezequiel Durán for the Rangers. Love the talent but I believe he will be on the lower end of playing time in a platoon. Wyatt Langford is going to be a stud and could be on the Opening Day roster. This doesn’t bode well for Durán but the talent is there. Westburg for the Orioles is someone to buy in on. He had a very good cup of coffee in 2023 and I look for him to build on that success with plenty of opportunity, regardless of how long Jackson Holliday is in Baltimore this year.

(Brett Cook)

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