2024 Dynasty Baseball Rankings

2024 FYPD Rankings

1Wyatt Langford
2Yoshinubu Yamamoto
3Paul Skenes
4Dylan Crews
5Walker Jenkins
6Matt Shaw
7Hurston Waldrep
8Max Clark
9Brock Wilken
10Colt Emerson
11Nolan Schanuel
12Noble Meyer
13Jung-Hoo Lee
14Bryce Eldridge
15Kyle Teel
16Arjun Nimmala
17Yohandy Morales
18Tommy Troy
19Rhett Lowder
20Aidan Miller
21Brayden Taylor
22Chase Davis
23Chase Dollander
24Shota Imanaga
25Mac Horvath
26Jake Gelof
27Jacob Wilson
28Tai Peete
29Enrique Bradfield Jr.
30Thomas White
31George Lombard Jr.
32Kevin McGonigle
33Dillon Head
34Travis Sykora
35Gino Groover
36Ty Floyd
37Charlee Soto
38Brandon Winokur
39Brandon Sproat
40Ralphy Velazquez
41Walker Martin
42Jonny Farmelo
43Cooper Pratt
44Homer Bush, Jr.
45Mitch Jebb
46Jacob Gonzalez
47Colin Houck
48Brice Matthews
49Myles Naylor
50Nazzan Zanetello
51Blake Mitchell
52Cole Carrigg
53Colton Ledbetter
54Tre' Morgan
55Samuel Stafura
56Kendall George
57Alex Clemmey
58Joe Whitman
59George Wolkow
60Jace Bohrofen
61Cade Kuehler
62Trevor Werner
63Jack Hurley
64Alonzo Tredwell
65Landen Maroudis
66Adrian Santana
67Teddy McGraw
68Paul Wilson
69Josh Rivera
70Mike Boeve
71Brian Kalmer
72Juaran Watts-Brown
73Kemp Alderman
74Cameron Johnson
75CJ Kayfus
76Jackson Baumeister
77Max Anderson
78Roch Cholowsky
79Rikuu Nishida
80Luke Keaschall
81Nehomar Ochoa Jr.
82Zander Mueth
83Zyhir Hope

Tier 1A

Wyatt Langford, Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Langford and Yamamoto deserve to be in a tier of their own. Yamo should break camp with (insert team) and Langford very well may be too. They`re both deserving of the top spot and you can`t go wrong with either in my opinion (Ryan).

The debate between Langford and Crews has been squashed, it is now the Langford/Yamamoto battle and only a select few in dynasty leagues will have the chance to go all in on one of these thoroughbreds. Langford showed why he is ranked number one here, with big-time power, good speed, and an elite ability to get on base. Yamamoto is no consolation prize, as he will turn any fantasy team’s rotation from a pumpkin into a chariot in the blink of an eye (Brian Labude).

If there was ever a draft to go all out for one player, this is the one and Langford is that player. Langford is a true impact hitter who can play LF and some CF, but his star power comes from his bat and his combination of great approach, beautiful swing, violent impact, great exit velocities, power, batting average, and even speed on the bases (Daniel Labude).


Tier 1b

Paul Skenes, Dylan Crews

Really, this is Tier 1b as both Skenes and Crews should be up quickly and there`s nothing in either profile to suggest they won`t be stars (Ryan)

The LSU duo of Skenes and Crews will make fast work of the minors and give fairly quick returns on investment, even as soon as the first month of the season. Skenes should get there first, but both are staring down All-Star selections very early in their careers (Brian Labude).

This tier rivals the top tier, but the immediate impact might be lagging behind just a little. Skenes has a huge arm and will rack up the strikeouts, while Crews is known for his on-base skills that should translate to the majors when he gets the call (Daniel Labude).


Tier 3

Walker Jenkins, Matt Shaw, Hurston Waldrep, Max Clark, Brock Wilken, Colt Emerson, Nolan Schanuel

This tier is where you can find the biggest star power for discounted prices. Jenkins and Clark are the future, Wilken brings the elite power, Schanuel is already in the majors, Shaw and Emerson have helium, and Waldrep is my hot take for the number 1 pitcher in the class (Brian Labude).

In this tier, there is a player who might take on the top four monsters and could see the majors this coming season as well, Hurston Waldrep. He has one of the best splitters in baseball that even Kevin Gausman would smile at. What truly makes him stand out is he can throw the splitter at any time and pairs it with his mid-to-upper 90s fastball and two breaking balls (Daniel Labude).

I love this part of the draft, and it goes to show you that it`s one of the deeper drafts in recent memory so it may be worth trading up into this tier if you can. All Jenkins did when drafted was hit, with a 90% in-zone contact rate in Single-A. Clark should round into a top prospect in no time and Schanuel could be the steal of the class in my opinion. He`s shown he belongs in the big leagues and all that`s needed is a touch of power, he needs to work on bat speed to catch up to Major League fastballs, if he does, watch out. (Ryan)



Tier 4

Noble Meyer, Jung-Hoo Lee, Bryce Eldridge, Kyle Teel, Arjun Nimmala, Yohandy Morales, Tommy Troy, Rhett Lowder, Aidan Miller

If you are looking for big movers in the rankings by season’s end, Eldridge and Morales are your picks. Don’t sleep on Lowder either as his changeup will have everyone seeing stars next to his statlines this season (Brian Labude).

This tier is loaded with the classic FYPD options of either polished and fast-moving college players or high schoolers full of possibilities. Teel and Morales could move fast and provide production for fantasy owners rather soon, while Eldridge, Meyer, and Nimmala could be true impact prospects in a few years (Daniel Labude).


Tier 5

Brayden Taylor, Chase Davis, Chase Dollander, Shota Imanaga, Mac Horvath, Jake Gelof, Jacob Wilson, Tai Peete, Enrique Bradfield Jr., Thomas White, George Lombard Jr., Kevin McGonigle, Dillon Head, Travis Sykora, Gino Groover

While some good hitters are in this tier, the pitchers stand out to me. Dollander, White, and Sykora have big arms that provide great value here. Sykora has quickly become one of my favorite long-term projects as he sports an arsenal that includes 3 potential plus (or better) pitches, a fastball that has hit triple digits, a slider, and a splitter (Brian Labude).

This tier offers a good chance for fantasy owners to get discounts on some specific talents. The standouts here are Horvath and Bradfield Jr’s speed, Peete’s power potential, and the fastball velocity from White and Sykora (Daniel Labude).


Tier 6

Ty Floyd, Charlee Soto, Brandon Winokur, Brandon Sproat, Ralphy Velazquez, Walker Martin, Jonny Farmelo, Cooper Pratt, Homer Bush, Jr., Mitch Jebb, Jacob Gonzalez, Colin Houck, Brice Matthews, Myles Naylor, Nazzan Zanetello, Blake Mitchell, Cole Carrigg, Colton Ledbetter, Tre’ Morgan, Samuel Stafura, Kendall George, Alex Clemmey, Joe Whitman, George Wolkow, Jace Bohrofen, Cade Kuehler, Trevor Werner, Jack Hurley, Alonzo Tredwell, Landen Maroudis, Adrian Santana

This is a large tier of lottery tickets waiting for the balls to bounce their way. If you missed out on Eldridge early in the draft, make sure to knock over your fellow owners while running to the podium to select Winokur, as his bat produces big power and high exit velocities. If you happen to get tripped up on your way to selecting Winokur, you can use CTRL-C and get a left-landed copy of him in Wolkow (Brian Labude).

I will describe this as the mystery tier, as you just won’t know how good these players will be for some time. At the top of the mysteries are Brandon Sproat and Brandon Winokur. Winokur has huge power but must find a way to strike out less and make more contact. On the pitching side, Sproat has a special arm that will need work to make his mechanics more consistent, because command and control are the main obstacles standing in the way of him becoming a great pitching prospect (Daniel Labude).

If you were interested in Tommy Troy earlier in the draft and missed out on him, may I offer you a discount Tommy Troy in Mitch Jebb? While Troy shows a tad more power, Jebb is a polished hitter who should move quickly in the Pirates organization. Boasting 80-grade speed and a guarantee to stick up the middle, Jebb blends defensive ability with blazing speed and an ability to put bat on ball with a 92% in-zone contact rate in Single-A after being drafted (Ryan).

Tier 7

Teddy McGraw, Paul Wilson, Josh Rivera, Mike Boeve, Brian Kalmer, Juaran Watts-Brown, Kemp Alderman, Cameron Johnson, CJ Kayfus, Jackson Baumeister, Max Anderson, Rikuu Nishida, Luke Keaschall, Nehomar Ochoa Jr., Zander Mueth, Zyhir Hope

It is not a shot in the dark if they actually produce, is it? Just waive your hand over your phone to get it to succumb to the Force as you say, “Kalmer is the one.” He has put up big numbers everywhere he has played and if he keeps producing at this same level, you and the Chicago Cubs will have found a late-round diamond (Brian Labude).

In this tier, it’s shooting from the hip and seeing what falls in front of you. Anderson appears to be a hitting machine and could be a good bet to produce in the minors enough to make some noise, but his fantasy impact might come down to how much power translates to pro ball (Daniel Labude).

McGraw is the guy that stands out to me the most in this tier with the caveat that he has already had two TJ`s before ever debuting in pro ball. He`s the one that if health is shown, could rocket up prospect lists in short order (Ryan).

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