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Prospect Spotlight: Rayne Doncon, 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers

Rayne Doncon is considered one of the top teenage bats in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. He has undeniable raw talent that needs work and the Dodgers system will provide him with plenty of opportunity to do so. If you’re not super familiar with his game yet, allow me a few minutes of your time to introduce you.

The Past

Signed in January 2021, Rayne Doncon wasn’t even the most well-regarded international player the Dodgers inked during the ‘first’ J15 signing period. Most attention in that window went to Wilman Diaz and his larger signing bonus. But Doncon took the Dominican Summer League by storm later that year. And by last winter he overtook Diaz on organizational prospect lists.  With a sinewy 6’2” 175lb frame, Doncon socked 3 home runs in 31 DSL games as a 17-year-old. In that ‘21 season, he complimented his .455 SLG with a .387 OBP. His initial calling card, a whip-quick bat, lived up to its billing and his advanced approach was a pleasant surprise.

The Present

The Dodgers brought Doncon stateside to open the 2022 and things didn’t go as well. Presumably pressing and relying on his bat, Doncon was much more aggressive at the plate. As you’d expect, the results weren’t pretty for the first two months. Specifically, his 4.6% walk rate in complex ball resulted in a .258 OBP. Despite swinging more, Doncon was still making contact at a reasonable rate and he struck out less than 18% of his plate appearances. Aggressive approaches early in teenage player development are not unusual. These typically talented players dig into what got them scouted in the first place: swinging their bats. 

After the calendar turned to August last year, I think we see early results of the Dodgers’ instruction as Doncon shined. Including a promotion to Low-A, the then 18-year-old put together a .302/.374/.594 triple slash in his final 27 games of the season. Hitting 8 home runs in those games is enough to make you nod your head in approval. Adding in the .300+ average plus the resurfacing of his great approach, you can’t help to get excited. If I wasn’t about 6 years late on the joke, I feel like this would make a perfect Vince McMahon head explosion meme. 

The Future

I think because of his aggressive approach and the Dodgers’ systematic method of developing prospects, Doncon will be a slow and steady riser through the minor leagues. With another 3 years, until he’s forced on the 40-man roster, I doubt Doncon will get consistent MLB play until late in the 2025 season. This slow burn is one of the first-world problems of being a toolsy prospect in a premier organization. This is a good thing ultimately, patience can be taught and Doncon is a willing learner. 

From a long-term dynasty perspective, I see peak Doncon as a 4 category fantasy contributor.  Although he appears athletically built, he hasn’t attempted many steals. I find it surprising that he only has a combined 13 steals in 16 attempts over his young career. Likely adding bulk as he develops, don’t expect Doncon to reach double-digit steals in the majors. Though the muscle combined with his fantastic bat speed will help him reach his ultimate 25+ home run peak. He may get dropped down the defensive spectrum, as he is already known as a liability in the infield. Doncon’s power will play, if he’s moved to corner outfield, as long as he’s able to maintain that patience and approach he’s flashed early.  The dream is though if he can stick at second and keep that power+patience profile. If so, the collective fantasy meme-head will explode because second basemen like dream Rayne Doncon don’t show up often. 

The Author

Chris Knock

Chris Knock

Chris is a father of two kids and husband of one wife. His next loves are baseball and whatever seasonal beer you have on tap. He's played fantasy baseball for almost 20 years and is excited to share his relatively educated opinions!

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