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Our #16-30 third base prospects for 2023 below, with a little bonus reading material from Sam Wirsching!

16. MARK VIENTOS, NEW YORK METS (Age: 23, Previous Rank: 10)

Mark Vientos was drafted out of high school in the second round of the 2017 draft by the New York Mets. He spent a few years grinding in rookie ball until 2020 when we lost a whole year. Mark came out of the empty season no longer a teenager and also no longer grinding in the lower levels of the minors. 2022 saw him play over 100 games in AAA hitting .280/.358/.519/.877 and getting a cup of coffee at the end of the season. So for 2023 and beyond? He has real power and has a path to playing time in the outfield as well. If Vientos can keep his strikeout rate low he could end up as a middle-of-the-lineup threat. 

17. BLAZE JORDAN, BOSTON RED SOX (Age: 20, Previous Rank:28)

Another power guy at the hot corner, Blaze Jordan has turned some heads in the Boston Organization. I mean his name alone is 80 grade! Growing up he regularly displayed his power (Grade:60) winning a couple of home run derbys before he turned 14. His defense is something he is working on, but ultimately he should move over to first base unless he can find another level in the field. Boston has a long-term option at third base and a more highly regarded prospect at first (Casas). My hope for him to find fantasy relevance without injury or someone else struggling is through a trade. 

18. EGUY ROSARIO, SAN DIEGO PADRES (Age: 23, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Eguy Rosario is a player I have had my eyes on in several dynasty leagues that I play in. A five-tool prospect, Rosario makes me think of Jose Altuve. At 5’9” and 150 lbs he doesn’t present as your typical corner guy. But don’t let appearances be deceiving; he has an above-average hit tool, with above-average power and speed. Last year in AAA he had a line of .288/.368/.508 with 22 home runs and 21 stolen bases. Playing behind Manny Machado makes projecting him at 3B tough, but he has played every infield position behind the pitcher throughout his time in the minors. At 23 he has time to find his place in San Diego’s powerful lineup. I am betting he will. 

19. JHONKENSY NOEL, CLEVELAND GUARDIANS (Age: 21, Previous rank: 6 at 1B)

My favorite 3B prospect, I have been watching and reading about Noel for a couple of years now. And while his 2022 felt quiet in comparison to some other loud prospects I think Noel is giving more signal than noise. For starters, he played in three levels last year finishing in AAA at the very end of the season. Second, the Guardians are playing him at first and in the outfield as they see the value in his bat. This is the third straight prospect with a potential hall of famer blocking him so I like Cleveland trying to get him up somewhere else. This will be his last year as a third base prospect in my mind and already a sleeper for me in 2024. Get him now while the getting is cheap.

20. ANDRES CHAPARRO, NEW YORK YANKEES (Age: 23, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Signed as a teenager out of Venezuela, Andres is entering his eighth season in the Yankee organization. Before this season few knew about him outside of their system. Another prospect that made significant strides during the lost season, Andres tore up AA Somerset and should be in AAA Scranton/Wilkes Barre to start 2023. Chaparro is someone I didn’t have a lot of opinions on coming into last season and this year I am excited to watch. He also is a target of mine given how cheap he could come. Given the lineup and park the Yankees play in, he could be a lot of fun for years to come as their corner options age.   

21. BRYAN RAMOS, CHICAGO WHITE SOX (Age: 20, Previous Rank: 26)

It is starting to feel a little like Cuba is becoming a part of the Chicago White Sox farm system with another exciting player coming to the states to play ball. Bryan Ramos is a player that does everything well. He has been stateside for a few years and in 2022 stopped running (one stolen base/one caught stealing). He wasn’t coveted for his speed however as he is at his best in the batter box. A good eye combined with a quick bat through the zone gives hope that in spite of some athleticism concerns (he is projected as a DH/corner outfielder like half of the White Sox lineup currently) I am worried it might take a while to see some results from Bryan. 2023 is a chance for him to make a strong statement now that he is in the upper minors.

22. GLEIDER FIGUEREO, TEXAS RANGERS (Age: 18, Previous Rank: Unranked)

The Texas Rangers prospect Gleider Figuereo signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2021 and has been raking for them ever since. A lefty with a pretty swing and rifle for a left arm, Gleider has some smoothing out to do to get out of the low minors.  The first wrinkle is his inconsistent defense as his rifle isn’t always accurate to the target. Second is his position once he reaches the minors. Figuereo has only played third for them in the field so far, but he could end up in the outfield, second, or first. He will be 19 next season so we have time to watch him grow. 

23. JUSTYN-HENRY MALLOY, DETROIT TIGERS (Age: 22, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Recently Acquired by the Detroit Tigers, Justyn-Henry Malloy is primed to jump up prospect lists this year. After a good collegiate career at Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech, Malloy was drafted in the sixth round of the 2021 draft by the Braves. The target of Detroit’s new front office, he was on fire in 2022 going from High A Rome to AAA Gwinnett. He has a good approach at the plate with a strong walk rate and some pop, he could be in Comerica by the end of 2023. 

24. WERNER BLAKELY, LOS ANGELES ANGELS (Age: 20, Previously Rank: Unranked)

Werner Blakely was picked by the Angels in the fourth round of the 2020 draft out of high school in Detroit. An athletic kid (he turns 21 before the start of this season) he struggled coming out of the lost season. 2022 saw him finally gain some traction in A Inland Empire. His slash line of .295/.447/.470 showed off just how good his plate discipline is with an almost 20% walk rate. He also is fast. 24 stolen bases versus 2 caught stealing. In only 55 games. He has a green light already and should continue as he advances. If his power develops without losing his approach he could easily be a 20/30 guy in the majors.  

25. JORDAN GROSHANS, MIAMI MARLINS (AGE: 23, Previous Rank: 7)

The shine of a prospect glows brightly. You dream of how they will perform under the bright lights and intense pressure. You speculate about what the path will be. Signed in the first round of the 2018 draft by Toronto, they viewed him as a future foundational piece for their lineup for years to come as a middle-of-the-order bopper. What has happened in the time since shows that all that glitters is not gold. If anything Jordan Groshans has gone from a power-hitting SS to a bat-first utility guy. After being traded to the Marlins last season, he got a cup of coffee in the majors at the end of the season. I hope he figures it out, because injuries (foot and back) were what kept him from showing his shine. This player is out and happy to watch that happen from a distance. 

26. A.J. VUKOVICH, ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS (Age: 21, Previous Rank: 17)

Drafted as an outfielder in the 4th round of the 2020 draft by Arizona, A.J. Vukovich has made the transition to third base where after struggling he seems to have found comfort. Tall, big, and athletic (was a finalist for Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball) A.J. has all the things necessary for moving up the rankings. Did we say speed? At third base?? Count me as intrigued. Arizona has a lot of moving parts right now and they all look like they could fit into their roster puzzle nicely.  He will start the year in AA Amarillo but with a hot start he could finish the year in the majors getting work at the hot corner and maybe even back in the outfield. Now is the time to get him if you agree.

27. CASEY SCHMITT, SAN FRANSISCO GIANTS (Age: 23, Previous Rank: 27)

A second-round pick by the Giants out of SDSU, Casey Schmitt is a good one. Already heralded for his defense (MLB pipeline 2022 All-Defensive team), all Casey is doing in the Giants organization is hit. A lot. Last year in three levels (three!!!) he hit better every time he moved up the ladder. He should start the season in AAA Sacramento where if he continues doing what he did last year he could be up as early as the middle of the season. I don’t see Wilmer Flores and others keeping him off the hot corner for the SFG for years to come. He still has what I consider to be the trifecta of prospect fantasy relevance. He can hit well, plays elite defense, and has a path to playing time outside of a free-agent signing. C’mon Farhan, trust the kids!!!

28. SAL STEWART, CINCINNATI REDS (Age: 19, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Cincinnati took Sal Stewart at the end of the first round in the 2022 draft out of Westminster Christian School in Miami (A-Rod!). A power first bat, Cincinnati sent Stewart to the Arizona Complex League to try to figure out what position provides the best path for him. There is a concern that his long-term position will be first to minimize his lack of mobility in the field, but he is young and we just don’t have enough narrative to know anything yet. When looking at the Red’s minor league system they seem to have a plethora of corner infielders. 2023 will go a long way to seeing what we have with him.

29. MAX WAGNER, BALTIMORE ORIOLES (Age: 21, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Drafted in the second round of 2022 by the Orioles, Max Wagner came out of nowhere it felt. Unheralded but playing in the ACC for Clemson, Wagner made the most of his last year in College hitting .370/.496/.852 with 27 home runs in 58 games. A 1.348 OPS??? Baltimore swooped in to take the ACC player of the year and in 13 games in Low A last year he didn’t seem to be in over his head. We don’t have much history of performance so I am concerned he is truly more power than hit. His power seems to be a product of his strength and not bat speed. If he maintains his high walk rates and low K rates from college we should see some real production at the plate. Just like most of these prospects lower on the list 2023 is going to give us a good glimpse at what could be.

30. EDDINSON PAULINO, BOSTON RED SOX (Age: 20, Previous Rank: Unranked)

Young and talented, Eddinson signed out of the Dominican Republic as a 16-year-old in 2018. This marks the beginning of his fifth season in the organization, but his first on my radar. Boston signed the lefty because he could hit. They have moved him all around the field to find a place for him as they have a few other shortstops that defend much better. He is getting run at third, but he could also end up at second when it is all done. But if 2022 was his warm-up, I am excited for this season coming up. Last year in low A he started to show the promise his bat showed in the Dominican Republic. Paulino hit .266/.356/.469 which isn’t as exciting as the 13 home runs he hit after not hitting any for the Red Sox in the previous two years of actual games. IF he can keep the sweet swing, and keep running (27 stolen bases in 32 attempts) he will be relevant in both fantasy and actual baseball. 

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