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Prospect Spotlight: Andrés Chaparro, 3B New York Yankees

Third Base in redraft has a real lack of depth at the top. I am constantly amazed at the importance placed on securing elite production from that spot on the roster. But in dynasty, how is the landscape at third base? I think we are about to see a wave of talent crash into that very scene. The top 15 prospects at this position are so delicious;  they include Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Walker, Miguel Vargas, and Josh Jung. All hopefully showing out at a major league park near you this year. Another half dozen had significant buzz last year. So why the bottom half of our 3B rankings? Why am I so excited there?? It is because all the talent spread out across the league at that position gets my juice up. I got so excited about this assignment I even put together a small write-up of each player for your perusal. There are so many names at this position to know. I am in a dozen dynasty leagues and I found a name in this group (among many players I like) that I am targeting in dynasty wherever I can: Andrés Chaparro of the New York Yankees.

Andrés Chaparro is a prospect entering his eighth year (seventh season) all in the Yankees farm system. A converted catcher when he started in the organization at the age of 17 in 2016, Chaparro toiled in the low minors until the lost season of 2020. Like all prospects, his development was not linear. Something for him must have clicked. He already had a mature physique when he started his professional journey, so it had to be in his head. He had a very successful season in two levels in 2021. Already known to have raw power, he started showing discipline at the plate. For the year he batted .267/.381/.468 with 15 home runs in 101 games. The signal however I believe was his strikeout and walk rates which were 21.4% and 13.8% respectively. 

2022 started with Chaparro having a wrist injury and surgery (for something I couldn’t find) so questions still remained. Could he keep his gains? Was he ready for the upper minors? After seven games in rookie ball/high A he spent the rest of the season in AA Somerset. He did not disappoint, hitting .289/.369/.594 with 19 home runs. His strikeout and walk rates? 19.8% and 8.5%. Again, Andrés showed he belonged, and started all but two games in the field, the majority being at third base.

A friend and someone I play in a couple of leagues with, Dylan White (@The__Arrival), shared this with me as we were talking trades for him and I was in. All he needs is a chance. Playing for the Yankees is a big wild card for sure. A hotbed of speculation and expectation, the Yankees rarely do what is expected anymore. Gone are the days of George buying titles. 20 years ago, if they needed a corner infielder, they would have just signed the best available. Now they seem to be competing under different internal controls. I think if any prospect in their system has a chance to contribute in New York it is Andrés. Not many see the shine I do. Get in this off-season, next year might be too late.

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