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Scout the Statline: August Risers & #DSLDarlings

In dynasty leagues, information asymmetry leads to opportunity. Having the right information before the competition is how you gain an advantage. In this series, we highlight interesting high rising prospects, from the well-known to the lesser-known, based on our peak projections.  Our approach is based entirely on statistical and trend analysis and we have developed an assortment of tools that can help you make dynasty baseball decisions. To view the Leaderboards, many updated on a daily or weekly basis, please visit our website scoutthestatline.com

StS Enhancements

As always, we strive to provide the most actionable intel possible. As is typically the case, we have a couple of new developments to share!

  • Official StS Twitter: We created a Twitter bot! This account will Tweet out our site updates as soon as they have been completed, and will also share news tidbits from across the minor leagues that will ensure that you’re the most informed owner in your league! Follow @StatlineScout and turn on the notifications! And if you haven’t already, follow @dynastyguru as well!
  • As of this morning, we revamped our 2022 Leaderboard page so that now only active prospect-eligible players will appear in the rankings. Non-prospects and inactive players can still be found in the NR (Not Ranked) section of the list, just below the ranked players.

We’re all about bubbling up the next big-name prospects to help you dominate your dynasty league! In our last player highlights article (Jul-27), we highlighted Vaughn Grissom, who was promptly promoted to the Major Leagues and has been setting the league on fire ever since! What will this edition lead to!? Let’s find out!

Player Highlights

How a player will receive a check for each category:

  • Age/Level – Young relative to his competition for the level he is playing at.
  • Approach – Low strikeout rate, high walk rate, and/or strong BB:K ratio.
  • Popping Data – Something in the data is unusually appealing.
  • Stock 📈 – This metric will evolve as I track past highlights. Is the player’s performance on the rise?
  • Track Record – Demonstrated history of success.

Edouard Julien (2B, MIN-AA)

An 18th round pick in 2019, Julien has found more consistent success in the minors than he did in his college days at Auburn. Debuting in 2021 at the age of 22 (after losing his age 21 season to Covid), Julien hit a combined .267/.434/.480, flashing a nice combination of power (18 HR) and speed (34 SB) and drawing 110 walks to buoy that eye-popping OBP. He has mostly managed to maintain that impressive walk rate while cutting his strikeout rate down from 29% at high-A to 24.9% at AA. Considering how high his walk rate is, this seems like a sustainable rate. He is also hitting with a higher degree of success this season, raising his batting average to .307 overall and hitting for slightly more power. Julien has been on a surge recently, leading both our weekly and our monthly hot lists (where he has been on top for several days and remains the leader). As a result, Julien shot up to #18 overall on our Top Projected Prospects list in our last update (8/15).

✅ Approach 

✅ Stock 📈

✅ Track Record


Jace Avina (OF, MIL-A)

The 6’2, 19 year old Avina was a 14th round pick by the Brewers in last year’s draft. So far in his short career, Avina has defied expectations of his humble draft position by flashing impressive power, with 13 home runs and a .622 slugging percentage overall in 181 plate appearances. The hot start at the CPX level was rewarded with an advanced assignment to Single-A. Avina has continued to hit for power, though the strikeouts are piling up. That’s something that will likely end up holding Avina back if he isn’t able to make some adjustments. So far on the season, he is striking out in 35% of his plate appearances, which will likely be far too high to play at the higher levels. So far, however, it has not impacted his season numbers. He holds a 1.067 OPS overall on the season and ranks 11th on the StS 2022 Leaderboard.

✅ Age/Level

✅ Stock 📈


Frederick Bencosme (SS, BAL-A)

A signee out of the Dominican Republic from the lost 2020 crop of international talent, Bencosme is showing signs of being yet another talented prospect for the Orioles. Both the pro squad and the farm system have shown dramatic improvement in 2022. Bencosme debuted at the DSL level last year as an 18 year old, and slashed .310/.365/.451. He has shown impressive development this season, receiving a promotion from Rookie level to Single-A after just 9 plate appearances, where he has slashed .354/.434/.440. The counting numbers are not quite there yet, as Bencosme only has 2 home runs and 6 stolen bases (in 11 attempts) so far. However, Bencosme has flashed superior plate discipline, and currently possesses more walks than strikeouts on the season (26/23). This bodes well for his development and listed at just 160 lbs, there is room for plenty of physical maturation. Bencosme ranks 34th on the 2022 Leaderboard for projected peak wRC+.

✅ Age/Level

✅ Approach 

✅ Stock 📈


Nikau Pouaka-Grego (IF, PHI-CPX)

I may not have any clue how to correctly pronounce his name, but I can read the numbers for Pouaka-Grego and they look mighty fine! An international signee by the Phillies this January, Pouaka-Grego has quickly gone to work for the Phillies with his bat, posting a solid .294/.430/.467 slash while walking as often as he has struck out. Like Bencosme, the counting stats are not quite there yet, but Pouaka-Grego is also one of the youngest players at the CPX level, and certainly the best performer so far out of that group. Grego’s performance has elevated him all the way to 12th on our 2022 Leaderboard.

✅ Age/Level

✅ Approach


Johnfrank Salazar (SS, BOS-A)

I searched in vain for an amusing Tweet that observed that the new pool of prospects have names that seem to have come straight out of a video game name generator (I’ll say MVP ‘05, as it was the last great non-sim baseball game I played much). Johnfrank certainly embodies this Tweet, an odd mashup of two first names. Nonetheless, the recently-turned-19 Johnfrank can ball, slashing .328/.445/.437 with nearly twice as many walks as strikeouts across two minor league levels. He will need to provide a little more in counting stats to become useful for fantasy, as he has shown extremely limited power (0 home runs, and only 2 in his career across 337 plate appearances) and not much speed either (3 stolen bases this season). However, the plate approach makes for a good foundation to build upon, this is one to keep an eye on!

✅ Age/Level

✅ Approach


Eguy Rosario (2B, SDP-AAA)

A six-year MiLB veteran, the 5’9 22 year old out of the Dominican Republic is now on the precipice of the Major Leagues, and his numbers are beginning to trend in the right direction! Historically, Rosario had very limited power, though last season he set a career-high with 12 home runs at the Double-A level. He has built upon that this season one level higher, hammering 19 homers in roughly the same number of plate appearances as last season. While there is nothing particularly eye-popping in his numbers, Rosario looks like a steady all-around producer, with close proximity to the majors, that can help fill a potential roster gap.

✅ Stock 📈



While I’m not doing a full writeup, I do want to shed a spotlight on a few strong performers from the Dominican Summer League to keep an eye on over the next year or two!

Tracking Past Highlights

NameAge/LevelApproachPopping DataStockTrack Record
highlighted 5/5/2022
James Wood
Adael Amador
Ezequiel Tovar
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Anthony Garcia
Kyle Manzardo
Carson Williams
Masyn Winn
Jackson Merrill
Charlie Welch
highlighted 6/2/2022
Gunnar Henderson
Jay Allen
Dru Baker
Edwin Arroyo
Jake McCarthy
Hao Yu Lee
Logan O'Hoppe
Hendry Mendez
Jackson Chourio
Alejandro Osuna
highlighted 6/22/2022
Jordan Lawler
Enmanuel Valdez
Esteury Ruiz
Elly De La Cruz
Vaun Brown
Werner Blakely
Junior Tilien
John Rhodes
highlighted 7/27/2022
Niko Kavadas
Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Ji-Hwan Bae
Alec Burleson
Vaughn Grissom
Yiddi Cappe
highlighted today
Edouard Julien
Jace Avina
Frederick Bencosme
Nikau Pouaka-Grego
Johnfrank Salazar
Eguy Rosario



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