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Jared’s Jet Setters: Brewers Edition

By Jared Perkins

Jared’s Jet Setters is back and revamped for the 2021-2022 Major League Baseball offseason! I truly enjoyed writing this series all season long. For those of you who don’t know, Jared’s Jet Setters features under-the-radar prospects who might be on the verge of taking off in prospect rankings and players that you might want to pick up in your dynasty leagues as soon as possible. I decided to make some changes to the segment for the offseason. I am going to feature two prospects from each organization who might be on the verge of taking flight! First up is the Milwaukee Brewers and we will be taking a look at two prospect bats: Joey Wiemer and Felix Valerio

Joey Wiemer, OF 

You are probably reading this and asking yourself “hasn’t Joey Wiemer taken off already?!”. In all honesty, you might be right but I just can’t resist the opportunity to talk a bit more in-depth about him. In my top 100 list for Prospects1500, I had Wiemer coming in at #94. That might have been too low the more I think about it. Wiemer absolutely tore up Low-A and High-A this year, slashing a combined .295/.403/.556 with 27 home runs, 77 RBI, 66 walks, and 30 stolen bases. Those statistics just scream “STUD” out loud. He apparently made some adjustments to quiet down his swing which helped lead him to cut his strikeout rate down (22.2%). What was the most eye popping stat for me was that he carried a whopping 1.145 OPS and 194 wRC+ in High-A. He was terrorizing pitching no matter who was on the mound! Many may have already bought a first class ticket on the Wiemer hype-train, but in shallower leagues there still might be a chance to snag him. There is a very good chance the 22 year old starts in AA and if he picks up where he left off, there will be no looking back! 

Felix Valerio, 2B

Want Jose Altuve 2.0 in your dynasty leagues? Look no further than Felix Valerio. The 20-year-old second baseman comes in at 5’7/165lbs and might have had one of the best hit tools I saw in High-A Central. He hit .290 while popping 11 home runs, 79 RBI, and stealing 31 bags. Valerio struggled to adjust when he was called up to High-A, but he was able to maintain a solid strikeout rate (16.4%) and continued to walk at a decent rate (11.2%) which leads you to believe that he has the ability to turn it around. He was still able to slug .466 in High-A while hitting 13 doubles and five home runs. As he continues to grow, there is hope that he will develop more power. He could become a legit 20/20 threat if he is able to truly tap into that potential. Unlike Wiemer, Valerio has yet to fully take off. There is still a chance you can add him off of free agency or acquire him for a low price in your leagues. Find a way to acquire him before it is too late.

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Jared Perkins

Jared Perkins

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