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Week 3 Dynasty Targets for Competing and Rebuilding Teams

Hello, TDG fans! My name is Bryan and I’m the new dynasty football writer around these parts. This means dynasty rankings should be back soon, but I’m starting small with a weekly rundown of some targets—either via a trade or from the waiver wire/free agents list—for teams that are competing and teams that are rebuilding. In general these are still targets for all teams, but when it comes to waiver priority/FAAB specifically, I’ve sorted them out to help you make the best decisions. In the future I’ll do this on Tuesday so you can get them in by Wednesday but I literally just started and don’t have a time machine. Yet. We’ll get there.

Targets for Competing Teams

Trade Targets

The big one: Daniel Jones (QB, NYG)

Do you want New York’s best running back? Well here he is. Jones is more productive on the ground than Saquon Barkley at this point and likely everyone on the Jets, at least fantasy-wise. He also occasionally throws for touchdowns, which should happen more when he’s not facing the stout defenses of Denver or Washington. The point is that he’s got a nice floor and should be a solid second or backup quarterback, and could be worth a look if you’re dealing with a broken-down longer-term option (Tua Tagovailoa… hello.)

The surprising one: Tyrod Taylor (QB, HOU)

This space won’t all be quarterbacks, but Tyrod has been too good this year to overlook and is now sidelined for at least three games. This should provide a perfect window to scoop him up at a discount, given that anyone who rostered him previous probably wasn’t relying on him too much to begin with. We’re talking second- to third-tier rookies or prospects or the second-roundish draft pick range, which, if you’re going for the title, is likely worth it, especially if the pick is your own and not projected to be too high.

The long-term play: Jeff Wilson Jr. (RB, SF)

He’s probably stashed on somebody’s IR right now as well as San Francisco’s, where he has a lot of company. With Elijah Mitchell both already hurt and still the Niners’s top running “healthy” running back, and the front office raiding practice squads around the league for bodies, last December’s star back in the Kyle Shanahan system could be an easy pickup now that could pay huge dividends down the line.

Waiver wire/Free Agent target

The one I like this week: Cordarelle Patterson (RB/WR, ATL)

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it everywhere, but if your lineup is good enough to be competing you’re likely looking for depth at RB and WR, hopefully with a high floor, and the versatile Patterson can fill two needs with one spot. He probably won’t score two touchdowns too often, but is looking at ~10 touches a game in an offense that should cohere as the season goes on and leave late open lanes in the short field for the crafty-yet-huge Patterson to exploit.

Targets for Rebuilding Teams

Trade Targets

The big one: Tua Tagovailoa (QB, MIA)

I’m not a huge Tua fan by any means, but some people are True Believers, and he’s worth grabbing on name value alone if the price is right. It probably won’t be, and while I wouldn’t recommend adding someone to a Danny Dimes deal to get Tua (per my tip for contending teams), I would recommend trying to package someone like Jones or Kirk Cousins for Tagovailoa and another solid asset. This would be a good chance to Trojan Horse an ultimately more desirable second piece into the deal, a lá one of your languishing veterans for one of their first round picks, which would give you a “name” QB and a wonderful asset going forward, and if Tua bounces back, boom—trade ’em for a long-term QB better than Jones or Cousins or whoever.

The surprising one: Henry Ruggs (WR, LV)

The surprise here is that I actually believe this enough to write it, but after last week’s breakout performance I suspect most Ruggs owners would be eager to sell “high.” I think the price would still be less than his equivalent FYPD price from two drafts ago, and the Raiders’s offense is humming against even arguably the best defense in the league, in Pittsburgh. There’s a real chance Ruggs matures into a prime DeSean Jackson-level performer, and that has real value, especially to contending teams, a fact which you could exploit or use down the line. There will be duds, but he only needs to hit the ceiling four or five times to be a difference-maker.

The long-term play: Ian Book (QB, NO)

A good friend of mine who writes for NFL Draft Bible has been begging me to pick up Book in the league in which we’re co-owners and somehow I haven’t done it yet, and I’m blowing up our spot right here. Oh well! His logic here is pretty solid: If Jameis Winston isn’t the answer, and Taysom Hill definitely isn’t the answer, then Book, a fourth-round rookie from Notre Dame, would have to be the answer, at least for a time. The Notre Dame part might also increase the chances he gets a chance, because life isn’t fair, but we’re here to predict the future and part of that involves assessing potential biases, such as Perceived Notre Dame Exceptionalism (not real) and Sean Payton’s Tendency to Troll (very real).

Waiver Wire/Free Agent Target

The one I like this week: Cedrick Wilson (WR, DAL)

Dak Prescott might be my favorite quarterback in the league to watch right now outside of Patrick Mahomes, because for the lovely landscape of increasingly mobile quarterbacks, or merely mobile enough quarterbacks to buy themselves time, I love watching a guy make the right decision over and over and over and over. I might be Bra(dy)inwashed. The umbrella point here is I believe in Prescott because he makes the right decision almost all the time  and think he could make do with just about any group of receivers, and in the event of one or multiple injures—and, with Michael Gallup, we’re at one already—whoever’s in there is going to feast. Plus, while the novelty of single-digit numbers for position players has generally worn off pretty quickly, the No. 1 still looks cool as hell.

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