2020 TDG Dynasty Baseball Rankings

Welcome to the homepage for the 2020 TDG Consensus Dynasty League Rankings. Let’s face it—most of you know the drill by now, but in the interests of full internet disclosure, we make the following statement. You will find links to all of the individual lists in one convenient place (right here, no less).

For a little background on the rankings, please check out the primer. The goal of this project has always been to provide the most comprehensive set of rankings out there for long-term leagues and am again extremely pleased with the way it came out.

A fun new wrinkle that we’ve introduced this year is the “Where They’d Rank” section. It all started when your Baseball Editor, Ian Hudson, wondered where Javy Baez would rank at short and at second. He then forced your fearless rankers to rank players at all eligible positions, and then we synthesized the lists to reflect players at their primary position. However, we also included where those big names would be listed if they were included.

So we hope you enjoy the package that the TDG team has put together here. If you like it enough, you can donate a minimum of $10 to receive exclusive downloadable access to the entirety of our ultra-deep dynasty rankings. That includes Bret Sayre’s Top 500 for standard leagues, Tom Trudeau’s Top 500 for OBP leagues, Jesse Roche’s Top 200 prospects, and our entire rankings series in downloadable form. For more information, click here.


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