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Way Too Deep League FAAB: Week 4

For an explanation of league rules, see the introductory post.

Week 3 was a crowded FAAB week, focused mostly on potential future closers. Week 4 was quieter, but in many ways much more interesting. As injuries begin to mount, owners are looking for playing time. In a league with 96 outfielder, 72 middle infielder and 24 catchers starting, this is no easy task. Let’s take a look at who owners in the Way Too Deep League bet on this week.



None this week.


Anderson, Nick RP | MIA – $8
Ford, Mike 1B | NYY – $6

Nick Anderson has been one of the most dominant relief pitchers in baseball so far this season. In 9 innings, he has struck out 20 batters against just two walks. He allowed his first two runs this week, but even so he is a bargain at $8. The Marlins bullpen has been pretty good this season (Sergio Romo notwithstanding), so Anderson isn’t on the short list for saves at the moment. However, he’ll be a valuable fantasy reliever no matter what if he keeps striking out this many batters.

I am the world’s biggest Mike Ford fan. My favorite Mike Ford fun fact: in college, he once pitched a 10-inning game against Cornell, then won it with a 10th inning grand slam. He was also born on the fourth of July. That said, I don’t think there is much hope for him getting a lot of playing time this season past the next week or two. Luke Voit is pretty well-entrenched at first base for the Yankees. In a few weeks, they should have Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton, Clint Frazier, Brett Gardner, and maybe Mike Tauchman sharing time in the outfield and first base. Later in the season, DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge will also eat into that playing time. $6 is a little steep.


Stallings, Jacob C | PIT – $4
Bergen, Travis RP | SF – $3
Means, John RP | BAL – $3
Mike Tauchman, Mike CF | NYY – $3
Santana, Danny LF | TEX – $3
Cordell, Ryan RF | CHW – $2
Sogard, Eric SS | TOR – $2

Lots of interesting bids here, including two of my own. Let’s start with the pitchers. Travis Bergen went to my team at $3. Bergen has been unhittable in the minor leagues, including a 0.95 ERA and 12 K/9 last season. While he has allowed 5 runs in 6 1/3 innings so far this season, he has 7 strikeouts and just two unintentional walks during that time. He’s a good bet to become a dominant lefty setup guy for the Giants. John Means has less of a track record. He was a mediocre starting pitcher in the minor leagues, but Baltimore has used him both as a starter and a reliever. He probably has no value starting, but has been showing off a mid-90s fastball out of the bullpen. Daniel Norris is still living in a van, but is a long way off from the performance and pedigree that earned him big national van life profiles. Detroit has used him in a long relief role, but the owner must be hoping that Norris returns to starting pitching soon.

I picked up Michael Tauchman for $3. I am the Aaron Judge owner. As of Sunday afternoon, we do not yet have a timetable for Aaron Judge’s serious oblique injury. He could miss most of the remainder of the season. For the moment, Tauchman is the starting left fielder for the Yankees. That could change when Yankee outfielders start to get healthy, but for now he was the one of the few full-time outfielders available. Thus is life in the Way Too Deep League. For what it’s worth. Tauchman might be pretty good.

Danny Santana is also very interesting. Since his call up earlier this week, Santana has started all but one game for the Rangers. hitting .348 with four extra base hits and three stolen bases. While Santana is a bit old at 28, he’s hit well at Triple-A recently, and could stick. He is listed at outfield, but has been playing second base for the Rangers, and should gain eligibility at 2b/MI late next week.

Ryan Cordell, Eric Sogard, and Jacob Stallings seem like playing time gambles for desperate owners. Cordell started two games this weekend for Chicago, and might receive the majority of playing time in right field for the next few weeks. Eric Sogard is better, batting leadoff for the Blue Jays all week following Lourdes Gurriel’s demotion, but his playing time is pretty vulnerable to three different second-generation major league prospects at Triple-A, plus Gurriel if he gets his act together. Stallings is an injured backup catcher, so… yeah.

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