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The Dynasty Guru’s MLB Equivalency Calculator

Note: this calculator was updated on 5-15-2021. See an explanation and peak projections leveraging these MLB equivalencies here. Since the information to compute equivalencies for the new minor league leagues is not yet available, the calculator assumes the new Double-A is as hard as the old Double-A, etc. The calculator does however incorporate the new 2021 minor league run environments. Let me know if you have any feedback @rosenjordanblum on Twitter.





The Author

Jordan Rosenblum

Jordan Rosenblum

Jordan is an American living in Finland. In addition to writing for The Dynasty Guru, he's a doctoral candidate at Åbo Akademi researching explanations of income inequality, and a Workforce Strategist at OnWork Oy. His favorite baseball area is quantitative analysis of prospects.

Fun fact about Finland: they play pesäpallo here, which is like a soft-toss version of American baseball, except home runs are somehow outs.

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