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Top 600 Dynasty League Players, Fall Preview

The end of the 2018 MLB season marks the beginning of an active offseason for most fantasy leagues, and the beginning of rankings season. Already, owners likely are re-assessing their rosters, exploring potential trades, or preparing for prospect drafts. To help prepare fantasy owners for the hot stove, The Dynasty Guru will begin its rankings push early this year! As such, it is an ideal time to revisit the Top 500 Dynasty League Players.

Normally, The Dynasty Guru publishes its updated Top 500 in early-March, following trades and free agent acquisitions. This year, we are providing a publicly-available preview of the updated top 50 immediately following the World Series. Further, you can obtain access to the entire updated Top 500, with an additional 100 players, with a small donation.

The form is not published.

The Top 600 Dynasty League Players represents the opinion of this writer. Consequently, the rankings are consistent with an updated version of the Top 500 Dynasty League Players, published in July, and the Top 240 Fantasy Prospects, published in August. Of course, this ranking only includes a subset of prospects (200 total, to be exact). Finally, the following rankings account for a 16-team league with a standard, 5-by-5 scoring format, but also note changes in value for on-base percentage (OBP) formats.

With that said, and without further ado, please enjoy responsibly!

Top 50 Dynasty League Players, November 2018

RankPlayerPrimary PositionSecondary Position(s)Age2018 LevelETAOBPJulyChange
1Mike Trout LAAOF1-27.64MLB-↑↑↑10
2Mookie Betts BOSOF2-26.48MLB-20
3Ronald Acuna Jr. ATLOF3-21.28AAA, MLB-1310
4Francisco Lindor CLESS1-25.37MLB-40
5Jose Ramirez CLE3B1-26.53MLB-3-2
6Bryce Harper FAOF4-26.45MLB-↑↑↑71
7Manny Machado FASS2-26.73MLB-5-2
8Alex Bregman HOU3B2SS324.99MLB-146
9Trea Turner WASSS4-25.74MLB-90
10Juan Soto WASOF5-20.43A, A+, AA, MLB-↑↑188
11Christian Yelich MILOF6-27.31MLB-2615
12Nolan Arenado COL3B3-27.95MLB-6-6
13Aaron Judge NYYOF7-26.92MLB-↑↑↑11-2
14Carlos Correa HOUSS5-24.52MLB-8-6
15Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. TOR3B4-20.03GCL, A+, AA, AAA2019150
16Kris Bryant CHC3B5OF827.23MLB-↑↑10-6
17Trevor Story COLSS6-26.37MLB-3215
18Andrew Benintendi BOSOF9-24.73MLB-12-6
19J.D. Martinez BOSOF10-31.60MLB-245
20Jose Altuve HOU2B1-28.89MLB-16-4
21Chris Sale BOSSP1-29.99MLB-19-2
22Freddie Freeman ATL1B1-29.54MLB-20-2
23Cody Bellinger LAD1B2OF1123.71MLB-21-2
24Javier Baez CHC2B2SS7, 3B626.33MLB-↓↓295
25Ozzie Albies ATL2B3-22.23MLB-17-8
26Corey Seager LADSS8-24.92MLB-304
27Aaron Nola PHISP2-25.82MLB-358
28Giancarlo Stanton NYYOF12-29.39MLB-23-5
29Blake Snell TBSP3-26.32MLB-4920
30Jacob deGrom NYMSP4-30.78MLB-4212
31Paul Goldschmidt ARI1B3-31.55MLB-↑↑25-6
32Luis Severino NYYSP5-25.11MLB-22-10
33Noah Syndergaard NYMSP6-26.58MLB-27-6
34Gleyber Torres NYY2B4SS922.29AAA, MLB-28-6
35Xander Bogaerts BOSSS10-26.49MLB-33-2
36Shohei Ohtani LAASP22DH124.04MLB-31-5
37Eloy Jimenez CHWOF13-22.34AA, AAA-5316
38Max Scherzer WASSP7-34.67MLB-380
39Victor Robles WASOF14-21.86GCL, NYP, AAA, MLB-5718
40Rhys Hoskins PHIOF15-26.03MLB-↑↑455
41Anthony Rizzo CHC1B4-29.64MLB-410
42Anthony Rendon WAS3B7-28.81MLB-442
43Corey Kluber CLESP8-32.97MLB-40-3
44Clayton Kershaw LADSP9-31.03MLB-36-8
45Gerrit Cole HOUSP10-28.56MLB-37-8
46Walker Buehler LADSP11-24.67AAA, MLB-6620
47Trevor Bauer CLESP12-28.20MLB-514
48Rafael Devers BOS3B8-22.43MLB-480
49Charlie Blackmon COLOF16-32.74MLB-34-15
50Adalberto Mondesi KCSS11-23.67MLB-↓↓360310

Please feel free to post comments, questions, or your own observations!

Next Monday, TDG will publish the Top 40 Fantasy Catcher Prospects. Stay tuned!

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The Author

Jesse Roche

Jesse Roche

Jesse is an attorney, currently residing in Greensboro. An avid fantasy baseball player, Jesse has experience in a diverse range of leagues, including head-to-head, rotisserie, points, and simulation. Jesse is a five-time website-wide champion at Benchwarmer Baseball and a repeat champion of a dynasty league with John Sickels at Minor League Ball. With a specific interest in baseball prospects, Jesse plans to provide in-depth analysis of up-and-coming stars accessible to all league sizes and types.


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  3. Chad
    November 5, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Nice work! Getting the whole list was like Xmas early. If a guy needed upper tier SP and has lots of youth and talent in the OF to offer – who is worth it for say a Walker or someone under 26. Betts is the least available but Soto Eloy Robles Ozuna Mazara Puig and Polanco. Also Yordan but hoping he leans to 1b. Is that realistic spot in your eyes vs OF?
    Thanks again! Cheers!!!

    • November 5, 2018 at 10:51 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the list! Even more content is on its way!

      I am assuming you have the OF talent. I would package one of Polanco, Puig, Ozuna, or Mazara (other owner’s choice) with another piece for Buehler. I would not move Betts, Soto, Eloy, or Robles. Alvarez is athletic enough to stick in OF imo, though 1B is definitely a real possibility.

      • Chad
        November 6, 2018 at 4:10 pm

        Thanks Jesse! I have a few things in mind… Would love to pick your brain more but I am sure an owner or two has to be smart enough to look here as we are going into year 11 of full dynasty. 25 cats (13/12) and 35 man rosters w/ no limits. Best fantasy over across all sports! TDG is 365 just like us! Cheers~~~

        • November 6, 2018 at 5:26 pm

          You can always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @jaroche6

  4. Brendan
    November 30, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Hi. How do access rankings if you didn’t save the first time you gave donation? thanks

    • November 30, 2018 at 2:37 pm

      You should have an e-mail with the link to the rankings. We can also resend the e-mail with the link if you provide your contact information.

  5. Brendan
    November 30, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    Found the email. thank you

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