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Early Season Injury Report – Dynasty Implications

Victor Robles – Non-Throwing Elbow Injury

The video of Robles injury is hard to watch for some. For now, all we know is that he suffered a subluxation (popped out then popped back in) to his left, non-throwing elbow. He didn’t suffer a fracture, but that’s not always good news: bones repair in 6 weeks, but ligaments and muscles take much longer. Considering the Nationals haven’t released any conclusive MRI findings, and given how quickly the trainer was able to put his elbow back into place, I’m optimistic. Robles will likely be in a splint for 1-2 weeks, followed by rehab to regain his flexibility and strength. A rehab without complications would allow Robles to return in 6-8 weeks.

While the most common complication is the inability to straighten the elbow entirely, the Nationals will take it slow with their prized prospect. Robles is young and has an excellent chance to recover fully. The injury delays his arrival to the big show, but if you’re building and not contending, it is a great time to get Robles at a discount.

Estimated Return (to the minors): Mid-June.

Long-term – Buy

Xander Bogaerts – Left Ankle Injury

This injury is getting a lot of press and a lot of conflicting reports. Let’s go by the evidence:

  • Bogaerts slid into the dugout and landed awkwardly on his left foot
  • An MRI revealed a crack on the talus (the bone that sits on the top of your foot, connecting it to your leg bones)
  • Xander was out of the walking boot two days after the injury

Let’s dive into that MRI for a minute. The Red Sox reported a ‘crack,’ and what this really means is that the scan showed a bright spot on his talus. This bright spot is often referred to as an ‘increased signal,’ and calling that a ‘crack’ or ‘stress fracture’ in this case might be similar to calling a tiny paper cut a ‘laceration.’ Technically that’s true, but it’s a bit dramatic.

The takeaway here is that the MRI showed something on the talus very mild. If it were a real fracture, Xander would not be putting weight on his ankle, let alone be out of the boot. The Red Sox will not let him return until he is pain-free, but not being confined to a boot speaks volumes about the medical staff’s opinion of his status. Chances are he will return within 14-20 days. Estimated Return: April 25th

Short-term: Buy

Clint Frazier – Concussion

Another name for concussion is a traumatic brain injury. In Frazier’s case, it was a significant brain injury based on his comments – confusing the names of cats, headaches, and difficulty driving. Suffering a brain injury tends to make a person more susceptible to further brain injuries, as we’ve seen with other players (Brandon Belt, John Jaso, & others). The unpredictable nature of concussion recovery doesn’t help. He’s 23-years-old, entirely blocked by in New York with a crowded outfield and prone to further concussions. Estimated Return (to the minors): Mid-April

Long-term – Sell

Odds & Ends

Manuel Margot (bruised ribs) – Estimated Return Late April
Elvis Andrus (fractured elbow) – Estimated Return: All-Star Break
Corey Knebel (hamstring tear) – Estimated Return: Early June

The Author

Mike Tanner

Mike Tanner

Dr. Tanner has treated patients with orthopedic injuries for over 10 years as a board certified specialist and physical therapist. He is currently pursuing a PhD, educating physical therapy students and conducting research. Dr. Tanner enjoys being outside, spending time with wife and children, and rooting for the Dodgers. Send injury questions to @DrMikeTanner on Twitter.

Dr. Mike Tanner
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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