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The Top 250 Dynasty Football Players, June 2017

What you will see below is version 1.0 of the #TDG250 which will be debated, tweaked, and updated often as we approach the start of the 2017 Fantasy Football season. These rankings represent my opinion of present day value of these players in a PPR, superflex, dynasty no cost keep forever league. The important thing to realize is how these rankings can shift and change depending on your league’s settings. The biggest difference will be if you do not participate in a 2QB or Superflex league. If that is the case you can dramatically decrease the value of the quarterbacks in these rankings (some of them would not even be in the top 250). I hope to address league setup changes and how to make adjustments in future posts and podcasts.

When someone releases a rankings list for some reason a part of me always wants to attempt to pick it apart. I encourage you to pick this list apart. See something you disagree with? Call me out in the comments below, on Twitter, on Facebook, or when I do an AMA on Reddit in r/dynastyFF or r/fantasyfootball.

I really want to hear what you think.  If you think I overstepped on a player, call me out on it so I can defend my stance. I love when people share stats, opinions, and hot takes! Do not be shy! I will also be making longer detailed posts about the players on my list who differ from the consensus ranks. If there are any players you think deserve a detailed dynasty analysis then let me know and I will try and give them a write up.

As always, if you like what we are doing here at The Dynasty Guru, feel free to drop a donation our way. Now, the rankings:


Version 1.1, UPDATED as of June 19  NOTE: The FantasyPros rankings are for single QB Leagues not Superflex or 2QB as I mention above.

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