The Dynasty Guru Podcast: Episode 1

The Dynasty Guru is pleased to announce that we have a podcast and episode one is available here and on iTunes here.  Much like Star Wars: Episode 1, mistakes were made, but we hope to clean them up soon, (and that no will will object to anything as hard as we objected to JarJar Binks).

Episode one focuses on the recently released catcher and first base consensus dynasty rankings.

While we don’t have a firm schedule yet, we hope to be a semi-regular podcast (perhaps every two weeks?). TDG podcast will mostly be baseball, but will also include basketball and football episodes. We are dreaming about having a podcast for each sport.

As always, TDG is a free site and survives thanks to contributions by readers (and listeners!) like you. You can donate that through this link, or by clicking the “Donate” button on the top-right corner of the homepage. If you like the content, please take the time to donate. And thank you to those of you who already have!

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Tom Trudeau

Tom Trudeau

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