The Top 200 Dynasty Basketball Rankings – October 2016

EDIT: Please see updated rankings here.

Welcome, to the inaugural #Dynasty200, fantasy hoops fans! If you’re reading this you already know that fantasy basketball is arguably the best fantasy sport. It’s a happy medium between high variance fantasy football, where the best team usually loses to the field, and the relative predictability of fantasy baseball where we can say things like “trust the back of the baseball card.”

These rankings are designed with head to head, nine category fantasy leagues in mind, but I will often note when a rotisserie league owner and/or 8 category owners might want to fade/increase rankings of players.

For example, Andre Drummond, due in part do his unwillingness to try underhanded free throws, will not be on many championship rotisserie league teams. His free throw percentage is just too poor to overcome in that format. However, he becomes a superstar as part of a “punt FT” h2h strategy in which owners seek out similar players discounted by their wart(s).

As for my methodology, I rely on non-equal parts experience, historical rankings, PER (player efficiency rating),’s CARMELO projections, Kevin Pelton Rookie WARP projections, ESPN’s rookie model, summer league performance, draft pedigree and genius. I try to have a balanced approach between future and present, but I prefer to set up dynasty owners with a chance to have a long run of success than narrow windows of contention.

I’ve taken to ranking players as part of tiers. The order indicates my preference, but in general i would call anyone traded from within a tier of similar overall value.

10/13 Edit: Joel Embiid is an omission and he’ll be included in the next list.

Tier/Rank Player Comments
Tier 1
1  Karl-Anthony Towns Age and upside more than make up for the modest present value gap between him and Steph Curry.
Tier 2
2  Stephen Curry Combination of efficiency and volume is too impressive to rank any lower, but unrealistic to expect a repeat of last year with the addition of KD. Don’t forget about ankle injury risk.
3  Kevin Durant  A reported two breaks in his right foot knocks him out of contention for an even higher ranking, but he’s without weakness in fantasy (besides turnovers, but deal with it, bruh..). Too good to worry about touches and playing time, particularly since the Warriors share the ball.
4  Anthony Davis  What’s your risk tolerance? Has been a top 5 player per game for three straight years, but can’t seem to avoid injuries. He added 3’s to his game last year.
5  James Harden  A superstar who fills up the box score and rarely misses a game, but you’re probably forced to punt TO’s and FG% isn’t pretty.
Tier 3
6  Kawhi Leonard  Fantasy’s most well-rounded game (about average or better in all 9 categories), but only played in (a career high) 72 games in 2015-2016.
7  Russell Westbrook  We got a brief look at Russ without KD in ’14-’15 and it was about the same overall production with slightly fewer assists and more points. Durability and consistency also an asset.
8  Giannis Antetokounmpo  I don’t think anyone knows what his ceiling is, but with this rank I say it’s much higher than what we’ve seen to date. Giannis may have the best chance to move into tiers one and two of anyone in the league. More 3’s, please, Giannis!
9  LeBron James  The GOAT; I think we see fewer minutes and more DNPs as LeBron wisely puts it on cruise control during regular season.
10  Paul George  Unbelievable how seamlessly he returned to form after a horrific injury.
Tier 4
11  Ben Simmons  Unlike past number one picks, Simmons’ has superstar approval of both scouts and advanced metrics. The foot injury will reportedly sideline him for months and adds to his risk profile.
12  DeMarcus Cousins  Pretty much does it all, but he’s a turnover assassin, which is tough to stomach from your center position. Would be great if he stayed healthier and played center full time along side a floor spacing 4 instead of another traditional big.
13  Draymond Green  As he does for the Dubs, Draymond gives fantasy owners a lot of ways to beat opponents each week in H2H leagues.
14  Chris Paul  An all-time great, CP3 remains remarkably efficient and I believe his game will age well enough to merit ranking above some much younger players.
15  Damian Lillard  He just keeps on getting better; improved his PER for the third straight year. Has missed only seven games in his career.
16  Kristaps Porzingis  He held up well during his rookie year and flashed major fantasy upside due to his ability to block shots and make 3’s. Porzingis has a chance to become a fantasy superstar with expected improvement and more playing time, but if you can sell him for Jokic and collect a second meaningful trade chip as “profit” I’d consider that.
17  Nikola Jokic  Scoff at this ranking at your own peril. Long before Jokic arrived in the NBA he was a statistical darling forecasted to have superstar upside. What he did in limited minutes was no fluke.
18  Hassan Whiteside  Unlike other “Punt FT” assets such as Dwight, Jordan and Drummond, you can win with Whiteside in roto leagues.
19  Andrew Wiggins  Wiggins, who turned 21 in February, began to convert some of his incredible tools into production, averaging a cool 20.7 points per game. His block, steal and rebound rates (all about 50th percentile or worse) still leave much to be desired for someone with his athleticism and size. His range of outcomes still includes “superstar,” but it’s far from a guarantee.
20  D’Angelo Russell  Russell (somehow in LA) quietly had an encouraging rookie year that calls for a forecast of an All-Star, which means that superstar is still within his reasonable range of outcomes. His rookie year numbers compared favorably to Wiggins when you consider he was a better play maker and defender. He’s a spot below Wiggins due to lesser present value, though I actually prefer him by a bit long-term.
Tier 5
21  Andre Drummond  Drummond will still only be 23 when the season starts, but he hasn’t improved on a per minute basis since his rookie year (his PER peaked in ’13-’14). I think there’s another gear, including fixing his weirdly declining FG%. His ability to dominate blocks, steals, boards, FG% and TO’s gives him a major bump in H2H leagues, but you can fade him in roto leagues as it’s almost impossible to tank an entire category and win a competitive league.
22  Rudy Gobert  It was a disappointing year for Gobert who did not see improvement to his game that I can pick out in a box score. Still he is young, we saw more from him in limited minutes two seasons ago and he remains an elite punt FT player capable of dominant block, board and FG% contributions. Like Drummond, you can fade him in “roto” leagues, but for H2H I’m targeting as a buy low with Whiteside-esque upside.
23  Kyrie Irving  His efficiency and mpg went backwards last year, the latter was perhaps in an attempt to keep him healthy. This rank assumes he regains at least one of those two things, if not both.
24  John Wall  Seems to have peaked, not that there’s anything wrong with what he became.
25  Jimmy Butler  Rondo and Wade backcourt is not good for the volume or quality of his looks.
26  DeAndre Jordan   Jordan ranks among the top five players for a punt FT strategy, so he’s a very dangerous weapon if deployed strategically. As prior, fade considerably for rotisserie league.
27  Klay Thompson  Plenty to like – durable, doesn’t need the ball to score, in-prime. Rare to get above average turnover value from a starter who scores this much.
28  Kemba Walker  Most of his gains were due to shooting percentage gains. Were those real or will he regress to career averages?
29  Kyle Lowry  10/4 Edit (omission): Lowrie returned top 15 9-category value for the second time in three seasons, but 2015-2016 was his most efficient fantasy season on a per minute and per game basis. Now 30 years old, most of his closest comps had fairly steep declines, so I would look to cash out before the fall comes unless you’re ultra confident in your ability to collect a championship ring this year.
Tier 6
30  Nerlens Noel  Noel made incremental progress, but may need a trade to reach his potential as Embiid and Okafor don’t exactly complement his game. Noel was a really good prospect by both the scouts and the numbers, which still matters as we project out how much growth remaining there is.
31  CJ McCollum  Breakout star is exhibit A of why we should be patient with prospects with his pedigree (especially when they can shoot like he can). I question how much upside is left, but the floor is high for many years of production.
32  Derrick Favors  Favors and Gobert help the Jazz D, but both would benefit from the other getting traded.
33  Serge Ibaka  A rare “three and D” big man, Serge’s usage, rebounding, block rate and efficiency declined for the second consecutive year leading me to question whether he has lost some athleticism.
34  Blake Griffin  Will this be the year that Blake becomes a legit threat from 3? DeAndre limits his upside on the glass, but no big man can match his playmaking skills (nearly 5 dimes/game!) which makes him a unique H2H big.
35  Ricky Rubio  Doesn’t shoot enough to hurt your FG% as much as you might think; category specialist can really help in boards, dimes and steals. I like him a lot, but wouldn’t everyone appreciate a trade out of Minnesota?
36  Victor Oladipo  Overall, I think move to OKC is lateral, but he’s had steady progress as a fantasy player in each year.
37  Eric Bledsoe  Has missed half the season with injuries three times now, but tantalizing talent can do it all (including half a block/game as a guard!).
38  Gordon Hayward  Prototypical point-forward may have peaked, but I’ll take a few more years of fringe All-Star play from him.
39  Kevin Love  For those who say he’s been reduced to a glorified stretch big, consider that Love was the NBA’s second most efficient post scorer. I expect the Cavs to flow through Love more as they look to ease off LeBron.
39.5  Isaiah Thomas  10/4 Edit: (omission): The ultra-efficient Thomas was a perfect fit on a defense-first Celtics team, which allowed him to reclaim his 30+ minutes per game without a dip in efficiency. Thomas is a bonafide liability on defense, which puts him at risk of returning to the super-sub 6th man role in any given year, but his ability to make plays and score the rock makes him a safe bet to return top 30-40 value for the next couple years.
40  Carmelo Anthony  Good time to move him in 9-cat leagues coming off a season in which the knee held up. I’m expecting across the board incremental decline this year.
41  Al Horford  Should continue to share the court with floor spacing bigs (Olynyk and Jerebko); threat of a third shoulder injury remains.
42  Paul Millsap  I expect his usage to increase without Horford, but spacing will suffer with Dwight on the court. Sell if you’re not contending.
Tier 7
43  Aaron Gordon   I do not know what the heck the Magic are doing bringing in Serge and talking about Gordon as a SF, but I’m staying patient. He was already really good when he played, he could rocket up these rankings in a year.
44  Brook Lopez  Rare to find a big with his touch from the line. Can he hold up for 70+ games again?
44  Nikola Vucevic  Tough offseason for Vuc who now has to compete with Biyombo (and Ibacka, to a lesser extent) for minutes.
45  LaMarcus Aldridge  With Pau spacing better than TD, I wonder if LMA can improve his efficiency in year two.
46  Kris Dunn   Dunn isn’t my second favorite rookie prospect long-term (that would be Bender), but at 22 he is ready to roll right now and he has a very fantasy friendly profile with a sky-high assist rate and steal rate in college.
47  Devin Booker   Let’s start with the warts – as someone with a reputation as a stud shooter he shot a modest 34.3% from 3 and while the playmaking was impressive, it also came with with the turnover rate of a point guard. Lastly, he wasn’t an overwhelming prospect coming out of college. With all that said, Booker’s top comps include KD, Melo and Kobe Bryant.
47  Zach LaVine  If you’re in to upside, LaVine has a profile of someone who could fill up a box score as he can create his own shot, knock down 3’s and he’s a decent play maker (though he’s no traditional point guard). We know the dude is athletic, but like many young prospects he still has to figure out how to be a good team defender to ensure the star-player minutes we want from him.
48  Marcus Smart  Smart was an elite (Simmons-esque by the numbers) prospect and whether his defensive prowess actually earns him All-Star trips (fans tend to favor scoring) he has a decent chance to develop into a star for patient owners. I know the shooting numbers were poor, but we’re paying for what he is going to do in the future in dynasty.
49  Jae Crowder  Discount Kawhi Leonard?
50  Mike Conley  Steady, all-around contributor is among the best in the business at taking care of the rock.
Tier 8
51  Bradley Beal  I’m a Bradley Beal “Truther” so naturally I think there’s more development left in his game, but those injuries are a pain, man.
52  Jabari Parker  Smooth, scoring PF has an impressive array of moves and the type of ability to generate his own offense that screams “potential All-Star.” To realize his fantasy and his real life potential the guy needs to expand his range and tighten up his defense. 25% from 3 is not going to cut it.
53  Dragan Bender  Bender graded out as an even better prospect than Porzingis and while that doesn’t mean he’ll pan out or be better, it does mean his ceiling is just as high or higher.
54  Myles Turner  Turner was exactly what the Pacers were hoping for – a young, athletic rim protector. He had an elite block rate, a really good rebound rate and the Pacers defended much better when he was on the court.
55  Nicolas Batum  All-around contributor was quietly a turnover machine a season ago, but it came with a career best 5.8 assists per game.
56  Greg Monroe  Not a great fit on a team that lacks spacing, but still managed his usual well-rounded fantasy game and suited up most nights.
57  Otto Porter  Porter, who just turned 23 this June, had a baby breakout in Washington that many may have missed because he doesn’t stand out in any one category. A high-end prospect out of college, it’s reasonable to expect further gains but fantasy owners might settle for more playing time.
58  Marc Gasol  Gasol noticeably  declined last year, but his diverse skill set should allow him to remain productive for many more years.
59  Rondae Hollis-Jefferson  Buy, buy, buy. The hope is that he’s a less volatile Ron Artest. Amazing defender has a floor as an elite steals specialist that will contribute in blocks and boards.
60  Gorgui Dieng  Dieng has really surprised as a scorer and play maker. He has a nice touch and I would hope he returns this year with 3 point range.
61  Jrue Holiday  Jrue was treated with kid gloves for much of the year, limiting him to just 28 mpg. I am expecting more this season.
63  Dennis Schroder  He should put up stats as the starter in the short-to-medium term (which is why he ranks this highly), but careful to project stardom or many years of studliness. Schroder’s game did not improve as much last year as you’d expect from a future All-Star and he has not defended well (yet).
64  DeMar DeRozan  I think we’ve seen the best from him, but credit to him for dramatically improving his efficiency.
65  Brandon Ingram  Ingram’s statistical pedigree as a prospect leave much to be desired if you’re expecting stardom (his 2.9 WARP projection was somewhere between Muddiay’s and Myles Turner’s for reference). I assume I’ll be among the “low guys” on Ingram so you won’t get him at this price.
66  Jonas Valanciunas  Valanciunas has made steady improvements every year he’s been in the league and has become a highly effective scorer due to his size and touch. Will this be the year he cracks 30 mpg?
67  Clint Capela  Elite defender racks up defensive fantasy stats on a per minute basis, but must be deployed on a punt FT team. If he starts, expect gaudy stats.
Tier 9
68  Gary Harris  Harris struggled as a rookie, but got back on target in year two to become a legit starting SG. Turns 22 in September.
69  Jeff Teague  Now that he doesn’t have to share time with Dennis Schroder, Teague has a chance to become the top 30 type he was prior to last year.
70  Elfrid Payton  Rondo with more size still seems like a good fantasy comp, though I’d project more 3’s (not that that’s saying much) and fewer dimes. Get excited, punt FT owners.
71  Reggie Jackson  At 26 years old Jackson did what ex-Thunder guards do and broke out elsewhere, posting a career high 19.62 PER (his fourth consecutive season of improvement).
72  Pau Gasol  Duncan, Diaw and Boban departures pave the way for plenty of minutes and usage. Still so good, even at his age.
73  Tobias Harris  Harris’ efficiency as a shooter has improved every year since 2012-2013 and he saw increased usage in Detroit.
74  Evan Fournier  Fournier will get the keys to the car in Orlando with Oladipo in OKC and it’ll be fun to see what he can do with another year of seasoning.
75  Justise Winslow  With the way he defends I don’t think Spo’ will be able to take him off the court, but the offense is a work in progress and it might be a couple of years before he starts cracking top 50’s.
76  Jahlil Okafor  Yes, Okafor’s game is better suited for the last decade, he plays with a bunch of lane-clogging bigs, and his defense was a nightmare which could limit his playing time over the next decade.. BUT he’s still going to put up healthy fantasy numbers for a long time wherever he ends up. Some risk he becomes Jonas Valanciunas and never gets big minutes despite scoring ability.
Tier 10
77  Rudy Gay  Tough to find wings that can provide the volume of counting stats that Gay does; has become more selective as a member of the Kings, but he’s in decline.
78  Brandon Knight  Attacking combo guard didn’t progress as much as his per game numbers imply, but progress isn’t always linear.
79  Goran Dragic  Post-peak at 30, but Dragic is much better with the rock in his hands. With Wade gone, I think he can bounce back closer to his Phoenix-level days where he topped out as 9-cat’s 25th overall player in 13-14.
80  Denzel Valentine An aggressive ranking. Ultra productive wing was a “late bloomer” which means his chance to become a star, historically, are lower than his draft pedigree implies.
81  Nikola Mirotic  Mirotic shot 39% from 3 last year and, at just 25, has all the makings of a stretch 4. Can he hold off Bobby Portis, though?
82  Khris Middleton  Discount Jimmy Butler will miss most of, if not all of the 2016-2017 season. Makes for a great target for a rebuilding team.
83  Danny Green  Once a closet 9-cat fringe star (he finished 14th overall in ’14-’15!) Green’s shooting ability abandoned him last year. Upside doesn’t always come in the form of a 21-year-old… Green’s shooting numbers should bounce back, and even if they do not, we know his floor is basically a top 100 player due to his excellent real life/fantasy defensive contributions.
84  Cody Zeller  Zeller’s true shooting percentage has rocketed from 49.8% as a rookie to 59% last year. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t come back with the 3 pointer in his arsenal. He’ll be 24 in October and has room for more growth as a player and playing time wise in the future.
85  Enes Kanter  Credit Kanter for returning 61st overall value last year in just 21 mpg, which speaks to his fantasy upside if the playing time improves, and it could dramatically with KD and Ibaka gone. Be prepared to get more aggressive if it looks like he can get 28 minutes per game or more.
86  Trevor Ariza  Plenty of good ball left in the tank, but I’d sell before the decline comes.
Tier 11
87  Steven Adams  Adams had a career year, including a breakout postseason. With the exodus of Serge and KD, it’s easy to imagine him becoming a high end punt FT asset in short order.
88  Dwight Howard  Dwight remains a good “punt FT” player, though the turnovers in 9 cat are painful. DO NOT DRAFT in roto!
89  Chandler Parsons  Has a chance to become a top 50 player once again with more with more PT in Memphis. For some reason Parsons is a pretty poor FT shooter, which hurts his fantasy value.
90  Harrison Barnes  Despite playing with all-time scorers, play makers and floor spacers, Barnes could not improve his shooting efficiency last year. He’s just 24, so there’s time for further improvement..
91  Dirk Nowitzki  Game has aged remarkably well, particularly for 9 cat fantasy as he keeps his mistakes to a minimum, but the wheels can fall off quickly at his age.
92  Emmanuel Mudiay  Are you a risk taker? To give you an idea of the variance you can expect, CARMELO ( comps include busts such as Dujuan Wagner and Sebastian Telfair, but also Russell Westbrook and Mike Conley.
93  Jamal Murray  A tall “combo guard” who rated among the better prospects in the draft by consensus. I’m slightly meh on him due to the lack of athleticism statistics (boards, blocks, steals), but he could be a good scorer.
94  Willie Cauley-Stein  He’s a poor fit with Boogie Cousins, but Cauley-Stein looks like a safe, high-floor defense-first center.
95  Danilo Gallinari  Another year, another season of missed games from a player that is a fringe 9-cat star when on the court.
96  Rajon Rondo  As long as he continues to get starter’s minutes he’s an elite category specialist, which wins matchups in H2H. Trade asap if you’re not a contender as his game does not win games in real life, which could impact his future PT.
97  Tyreke Evans  Evans made a career high 38.8% of his three pointers last year, a skill set he would do well to focus on as his athleticism will no doubt begin to taper off after all the foot ailments he’s had.
98  Thaddeus Young  May not get the same usage in Indiana, but we buy Thad for the athletic counting stats and low TO’s.
99  Rodney Hood  Had a breakout sophomore season and looks to be the long-term starter offensively, but limited play making skills plus so-so athletic stats make for a somewhat limited fantasy profile.
100  Robert Covington  Bombs Away Bob (a nickname exactly no one calls him) launched 7.2 threes per game last year, but his PT is at risk with Simmons and Dario Saric in the fold. If there’s more (positive) clarity around his role, feel free to move him up these rankings. EDIT: Injury to Simmons qualifies as a positive development for his role.
Tier 12
101  Josh Richardson  Solid defender at a young age and he can shoot? Sounds like a cheap future starter to me.
102  Marvin Williams  A lot of his value comes from low turnovers, but he’s turned himself into an elite 3 and D player and those types get PAID (and playing time).
103  Michael Carter-Williams  MCW has seen his dynasty stock come crashing down since his rookie year, but he’s developed into a really good real life and fantasy stat defensive player while improving his shooting numbers. He has such a unique skill set with his size and passing ability that I think he can carve out a productive starting role on the right team.
104  Tristan Thompson  If Tristan can get back to the 31.6 mpg he played in ’13-’14 then, combined with his improved scoring efficiency, he could be back on the map as more than just a rebounding specialist.
105  Jordan Clarkson  Clarkson did not improve any of his scoring metrics last year, and given his modest pedigree as a prospect, I am pessimistic about further future development.
106  George Hill  Low mistake, game manager-type is what he is, as they say (lazily).
107  Robin Lopez  Boring in real life and fantasy, but RoLo is an asset in both %’s and very consistent.
108  Marcin Gortat  How much does Ian Mahinmi cut into Gortat’s playing time? Efficiency was already slipping. If PT is where it was last year, he’s a great win-now piece.
109  Joakim Noah  It’s reasonable to expect some positive regression for Noah, but he’s not a great long-term bet. Upside is there given diverse skill set and unique passing ability.
110  Dwyane Wade  Wade surprised the fantasy community with 74 games played and a career best 79.3% from FT, but his real life and fantasy game is in steep decline. The volume of overall stats is still there to help H2H matchups.
111  Kyle Anderson  I’ll probably die alone on the Kyle Anderson “truther” hill. He’s more than just a summer league hero, IMO. I think he can be a starter by next year and he costs almost nothing.
112  Kenneth Faried  Per minute monster may not have the modern NBA big man game necessary to earn more playing time.
113  Avery Bradley  A premiere defender, Bradley had something of a breakout year offensively, but his usage dipped for the second consecutive year. I think there’s room for more incremental growth, but not much upside left.
114  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope  KCP has developed into a two way player and at 23, I think there’s room for further development. Shot a career low from 3, but TS% was up.
115  Ryan Anderson  Anderson and D’Antoni are a match made in fantasy heaven, but be advised his 3PT accuracy has not been the same in recent years.
116  Mario Hezonja  There’s upside here as Hezonja’s overall shooting was quite promising for a 21-year-old and we know he is a good athlete, but he needs to learn to draw more fouls.
117  Darren Collison  Looks to be a starting point guard once again. Excellent percentages for a guard, but lacking as a playmaker.
118  JJ Redick  One of the game’s deadliest shooters, Redick is a rare 3PT specialist that is actually an asset to FG%. As we saw with Dunleavy and Korver (pardon the race comps), shoot-only guys can slip quickly.
Tier 13
119  Jakob Pöltl The landing spot is rough, but he consistently rates as one of the better prospects regardless of whether you ask scouts or “stat heads.”
120  DeMarre Carroll  Carroll battled health issues and forgot how to make any shots inside the three point line. He can still be a poor-man’s Trevor Ariza 3 and D fantasy role player, but I don’t think ‘Atlanta Carroll’ is coming back at his age.
121  Stanley Johnson  The hope is that he emerges into the kind of D-first player Hollis-Jefferson is now, with more offensive skills.
122  Kent Bazemore “3 and D” wing got paid; he played fewer than 28 mpg last year, so if he can get that up above 30 there’s top 50 upside.
123  Jaylen Brown  I can’t believe this guy went third overall… that’s the only reason he is ranked this highly. BAD statistical prospect pedigree more commonly found in a 2nd round pick.
124  Derrick Rose  I’d steer clear in roto, but for H2H he can still give you plenty of ugly volume if you don’t care about the turnovers. Post All-Star stats were admittedly impressive ..
125  Wesley Matthews  Matthews is working on a six year streak of top 80 9-cat value, but his shooting numbers predictably tanked last year. Deserves some benefit of the doubt as it was his first year returning from achilles rupture, but he’s getting up there in age ..
126  Will Barton  Barton shot a career-best 34.5% from 3 in a breakout campaign, but with Gallinari and Gary Harris in the mix he’ll probably be reduced to a reserve role.
127  Deyonta Davis  Davis ranks highly on this list due in part to his legitimacy as a prospect as someone who can potential space, defend and board, but also because the Grizz’ depth chart is old, so the opportunity is there. You can probably acquire for free because he was a 2nd round pick.
128  Tyler Johnson  Athletic combo guard can score, which is why he got paid, and should get fringe starter’s minutes at the 1 and 2.
Tier 14
129 Dante Exum The 5th overall pick of the 2014 draft had a poor rookie year before tearing his ACL in August, 2015. He was always a high variance prospect due to the limited information we had on him, but I liked him as a prospect enough to make him a buy low target.
130  Monta Ellis  Durable Monta may see the ball a lot less with Teague in town.
131  Chris McCullough  The Nets may have not one, but two defensive aces on their team; McCullough’s steal rate was off the charts, which is consistent with what he did in college.
132  Frank Kaminsky  I think Michael Jordan was hoping for better than 33.7% from 3 when they turned down a reported five 1st round picks from Boston to draft him.
133  Alex Len  Len’s development stalled out last year, but Chandler’s sharp decline paves the way for a potential breakout year for Len, who only just turned 23.
134  JR Smith  Should provide plenty of LOL’s, WTF’s and 3’s in Cleveland without turning over the rock.
135  Thon Maker  Limited info on this kid, but he showed a nice touch and motor in summer league and, given his draft pedigree, deserves consideration within the top 150.
136  Kelly Olynyk  I’m a Kelly Olynyk guy, because he can basically do it all. He’s average or better as a play maker, shooter, rebounder and all defensive metrics.
137  Jared Sullinger  Sully will always be a bit of a long-term risk due to poor conditioning and the health concerns that caused him to fall on draft day, but I’m buying because I still see further upside, particularly if he can finally improve that stroke from 3 just a liiiitttle bit. He’s a more capable defender than people realize.
138  Cameron Payne  With Westbrook and Oladipo both 2017 UFA’s, Payne’s path to playing time is clearer than it was a year ago. Anyone with his steal and assist rate should at least be owned in a deep keeper league and he makes for a nice stash for a rebuilding team. EDIT: I’m still not really fading much after injury news.
139  Meyers Leonard  Hugely disappointing season, but I’d prefer to give him one more look due to shooting touch we saw in ’14-’15.
140  Buddy Hield  This ranking is more about the opportunity to play than my feelings about Hield’s long-term prospects, which are OK but not 6th overall pick good.
141  Marquese Chriss  I’ll lazily compare him as a prospect to Aaron Gordon as someone that scouts liked a lot more than the numbers due to the impressive athleticism that didn’t quite show up in the box score. It worked out for Gordon, but there’s plenty of bust risk.
142  Ivica Zubac  Zubac was a steal in the 2nd round and looks to have a chance to be the Lakers’ center of the future, with a chance to contribute right away. He has a nice touch and can block shots.
143  Trey Lyles  Like many so-so big man draft prospects, Lyles’ ability to space the floor will dictate whether he’s a rotation piece or a starter. The early returns are promising, but his fantasy upside is limited by poor block/steal rates.
144  Dejounte Murray  Oft considered the “steal of the draft” by the Spurs (obviously), Murray is an intriguing prospect due to his elite size for a point guard and for fantasy because Parker and Mills are not starting caliber PG’s anymore. He may be more than just a nominal point guard too, as his assist rate was quite good.
145  Tyus Jones  A stat darling as a prospect, Jones’ size limits his upside, particularly as a defender. As his college stats suggested they would be, his assist rate and steal rate were elite, so he remains on my radar as a high end stash.
146  Juan Hernangómez  At this point of the rankings I prefer upside and Hernangomez has that as a big who can stretch the floor and rebound a bit, too.
147  Mason Plumlee  Plumlee hasn’t improved on his per minute efficiency since coming into the league, despite staying in a familiar fringe starter role, but his defensive numbers are so good at I wouldn’t be surprised to finally crack 30 mpg. If he can do that, he’s a really good punt FT player for very cheap.
148  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist  MKG played in just seven games last year, but color me intrigued by his shooting numbers in that limited sample. Don’t go crazy, though… we play fantasy and while he is an elite defender, he does not get steals.
149  Andrew Bogut  Block specialist can also provide help in dimes, FG% and turnovers. Don’t worry too much about the FT shooting, he takes about one per game.
150  Al-Farouq Aminu  A defensive ace, Aminu is worth monitoring if he can maintain his 3 point shooting gains and develop into a stretch big capable of guarding 4’s and leaner 5’s.
151  Kyle Korver  Once a 9-category legend due to ungodly efficiency, Korver got whacked in the face by father time last year as his shooting numbers went from all-time to just really good. I think he has another year or two left in the tank for 9-cat leagues, though.
Tier 15
152  Patrick Beverley  When healthy he is a top 100 9-cat point guard, but a lot of that value is derived from low turnover totals. Zero upside.
153  Jeremy Lin  Enjoy the numbers this year, MAYBE next year if the Nets don’t find a way to upgrade, but then say goodbye to Lin as a relevant fantasy player .
154  Timofey Mozgov  In fantasy we don’t care about the bad contract. Mozgov should be useful short-term investment.
155  Bobby Portis  Portis could push Mirotic for playing time this year at the 4. He’s already  an excellent rebounder, but he threw up a lot of bricks.
156  Noah Vonleh  Vonleh has been a disappointment, but his age and pedigree merit monitoring his progress.
157  Dario Saric  So-so adjusted numbers, but opportunity is there… prefer more information.
158  Deron Williams  Good enough to start in deeper fantasy leagues as long as he has a starting role for the Mavs, but per minute efficiency declined for the third straight year (as you’d expecet from a 32-year-old).
159  Eric Gordon  Can be a nice role player as a combo guard, especially in D’Antoni system. Has somewhat reinvented himself as a marksman.
160  Marcus Morris  Marcus Morris’ best skill is the ability to knock down mid-range jumpers, which is great for him and bad for fantasy owners. I think we saw the best of him last year.
161  Allen Crabbe  If he can maintain his shooting numbers then he can be useful, but the wing spot is crowded in Portland.
162  Sam Dekker  It’ll likely take an injury, a trade, or another year of seasoning for Dekker to get his opportunity. He’s still an interesting prospect.
163  Larry Nance  His teammate Julius Randle might have more upside, but Nance is more interesting to me as a 3 and D big. Good steal rate.
164  Domantas Sabonis  Like many rookies, Sabonis will likely need both seasoning and the depth chart to thin out before he gets his chance. I’m not sure the athletic stats merit the long lead time to pay any more than this.
165  Luol Deng  As a stretch 4 Deng can still be a useful NBA player, but I have a feeling he will be a 3 in LA, which will hurt his fantasy efficiency.
166  Maurice Harkless  Worth monitoring because with a jump shot there’s starter ability here, due to his D.
167  Brandon Jennings  Singed to a one year deal to backup a point guard he is possibly better than. If he plays well he could re-emerge as a low-end starting PG again.
168  Julius Randle  I didn’t like Randle as a prospect and I don’t like what I saw last year. Talented dude, good rebounder, but if you can’t protect the rim you better stretch the floor, which he has not done (yet).
169  Al Jefferson  Jefferson will now transition into high-end backup center, capable of abusing second units with his variety of post-moves. He hardly ever turns it over and he tends to make the most of his minutes, making him playable in deeper 9-category leagues.
170  Zaza Pachulia  Zaza is a perfect fit in Golden State as a tough player who can make good decisions with the ball and knock down mid range jumpers.
171  Zach Randolph  Still useful for points and boards, but impact days are long gone.
Tier 16
172  Chris Bosh  Just a giant question mark due to health.. tough to use a roster spot on him.
173  RJ Hunter  Hunter’s free throw shooting and college pedigree suggest there’s sneaky upside to become a really good shooter in the NBA.
174  Kelly Oubre  Middling prospect hasn’t done much, but the Wizards are thin so let’s watch him this summer and preseason. Very young.
175  Jusuf Nurkic  I doubt he’s more than a rotation player, but rookie year showed upside for more.
176  Boban Marjanovic  Ridiculous TS% and rebound rate, but NBA execs seem to agree he is a reserve despite sky-high per minute effciency.
177  Torrean Prince  Was not a fan of this pick, but the Hawks wing depth chart has a chance to thin out in a year’s time and they did burn a high pick on him, so he’ll get a chance.
178  Markieff Morris  Found some relief in Washington, but not much more than a fill in at this point.
179  Taj Gibson  As usual, if an injury strikes to a Bulls’ big, Taj is a nice player to own, but long term it’s hard to imagine much more value.
180  Lou Williams Posted a career best 58.4 TS% with the Lakers and given his ability to score in bunches off the bench, seems locked in to a Jamaal Crawford-type role for the next couple of years.
181  Omri Casspi  That’s now two straight years of 40% or better from 3 from Caspi, which should earn him fringe starters minutes and sneaky top 100 9 cat upside as long as he can keep that up.
182  Wade Baldwin IV  Baldwin has a chance to be a high-end playmaker and rack up dimes one day, but Conley blocks his path to PT. He has the size to play with Conley, though.
183  Terry Rozier  He’ll need a trade out of Boston to matter, but Rozier is a real prospect capable of making a sophomore year jump, though I believe he was a considerable “reach” at pick 16 last year.
184  Tony Parker  Dimes are hard enough to come by that TP can still be a fantasy bench piece for us, but it’s probably over for him, folks.
185  Jared Dudley  Dudley is an under-sized stretch four that can knock down 3’s and is reported to be a starter this year in Phoenix. He can help out this season, but he’s not a meaningful dynasty asset.
186  Tyson Chandler  Age, Alex Len have all but killed Chandler’s fantasy value.
187  Zhou Qi  Qi’s age is uncertain, which makes his prospect pedigree unclear. What is clear is that the Rockets got a steal in round two and if he is as young as he says he is, a potential starter.
188  Amir Johnson  A “tweener” who fouls too much and hasn’t extended his range enough yet, Johnson figures to remain a good bench player.
189  Courtney Lee  Lee figures to return to the same “do-no-harm” 3 and D role we’ve grown accustomed to, which amounts to solid rates, very modest volume and a passable last starter in deep leagues.
190  Ed Davis  Davis remains an ultra-efficient scorer that teams do not trust with significant minutes due to his inability to protect the rim. He is a useful spot starter for punt FT teams.
191  Ian Mahinmi  Defensive ace Ian Mahinmi may be better than the older Gortat, but they probably end up in a platoon with a little extra PT to the incumbent Gortat.
192  Kevon Looney  Looney was your classic “potential lottery, fell due to injury, blah, blah, blah” player, so despite being a late 1st rounder, he’s a guy worth knowing.
193  John Henson  Henson has not endeared himself to coach Jason Kidd and it’s hard to blame him as he plays on a shooting-starved team. If it is going to happen, it’ll probably be somewhere else.
194  Jeff Green  The leap never came for Jeff Green, who is being paid like he’ll be the Magic’s starting SF.
195  TJ Warren  Warren’s path from good rotation to NBA starter will depend on his continued development of his 3 PT shot and defense. Nice PER for his age, but I’m fairly skeptical.
196  Bismack Biyombo  Deep leagues only with all the talented bigs in Orlando.
197  Ante Žižić  Zizic rated out much more highly by the numbers than with scouts (much like former Adriatic prospect Nikola Jokic). Likely a draft and stash for Boston, Zizic doesn’t offer anywhere near the upside that Jokic did and so he’s just a “follow” type, but you should follow him and be prepared to pounce in a couple years.
198  Nik Stauskas  I’m monitoring to see how playing time shakes out in Philly, but generally pessimistic.
199  Lucas Nogueira  Another “follow” prospect, Nogueira rated very highly as a draft prospect and in limited time posted really excellent defense and rebounding numbers to go with the TS% you’d expect from someone who basically only dunks.
200  Jordan Adams  A deep sleeper whose knees have betrayed him, Adams’ college pedigree was impressive. He profiled as someone who could score and collect steals in bunches.

The Author

Tom Trudeau

Tom Trudeau


  1. […] Fantasy Basketball Rankings: ranks the top 200 overall players for dynasty/keeper leagues. – […]

  2. Kurt
    October 4, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Loving it! Keep up the good work Tom! Interesting split between Denver’s young Europe bigs…much larger than I’ve sent most other places. I’m curious less about the Jokic love (he’s goooood) and more about the lack of it for Nurkic. I’ve been following him since is rookie year and was finally able to grab him as a keeper last year. I see top 10 C upside eventually, especially in DD leagues, and have him ranked similarly to WCS for dynasty. Any further thoughts on the Bosnian Beast and, to a lesser extent, my keeper conundrum (keep 8, $200 cap, 11-cat with TO, DD, FGMI)?

    My guys: Towns $35, Davis $35, Wall $28, Porzingis $15, Gobert $11
    On the bubble: Paul $42, Clarkson $6, Nurkic $1, WCS $1, Winslow $1, K. Anderson $1

    Leaning Paul, Nurkic, Winslow for final 3, but have thought about switching Paul for WCS to save $, but the Paul price was a bargain last year and might end up being one again so it could be worth splurging on. Thanks for the help!

    • October 4, 2016 at 1:32 pm


      Thanks for checking out the rankings.

      Regarding Nurkic, it’s funny you brought him up because he was the one guy that I instantly worried I was too low on based in part on a Basketball Monster redraft ranking of 132. I was high on him as a rookie, but last year his true shooting percentage plummeted to 46%, which would be terrible efficiency even if he were a volume scoring point guard. I was also influenced by CARMELO forecasts that call for his median outcome to be a rotational player.

      I would not quibble with anyone who was higher on him due to his defensive rate stats / rookie year/ and the belief that he was hurt most of last year, but it’s hard to see him getting more than 25 mpg this year, so he’s still more of a stash.

      Of your bubble guys I’d go Winslow and then after that as you can see by my rankings I’d be fairly indifferent between Nurkic, WCS, Anderson and Clarkson given prices but ultimately I think I’d take WCS and Anderson.

      • Kurt
        October 4, 2016 at 4:35 pm

        For what it’s worth, I’m with you on Anderson Island. Would love to see him get 25-30 mpg next to kawhi. Hopefully by 2017-18 at the latest!

    • October 4, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      Re: Chris Paul it’s really hard for me to have an opinion on whether CP3 at $42 is a bargain without knowing full league format. Dollar value is so specific to league settings (size of the league, starting spots, etc.)

      • Kurt
        October 4, 2016 at 4:47 pm

        10 tm, 15 roster spots plus 1 IR. Contracts are for 2 years, then $10 inflation from year 3 on. Typically 1st round guys have gone for $50-70, but last year there was a bit of early hesitation at auction that led to a bunch of early bargains. So if that corrects itself we Paul could be back in the ~$60 range he’s inhabited for years 1-3 of our league, before last season. I hesitate to believe WCS or Anderson put up ~$15-20 of value next year, so keeping them would definitely be more of a stash play.

        Thanks for all your input and in advance for the future content!

        • October 4, 2016 at 4:50 pm

          Yep, sounds like your initial intuition is right and you should keep CP3 as part of a push to get that championship. I love when people aren’t prepared to spend very early in the auction. I like to be aggressive early or patient as hell, depending on how people collectively overreact.

          Feel free to continue the discussion @tomtrudeau on twitter.

  3. October 4, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Kyle Lowry? Isaiah Thomas?

    • October 4, 2016 at 2:53 pm

      …are omissions that will be edited in within the next 30 minutes.

      • October 4, 2016 at 3:53 pm

        Ha. Thanks!

  4. Chad
    October 6, 2016 at 9:56 am

    I really appreciate these dynasty rankings. Not a lot out there on the world wide web so this is a great help!

    Question: I’m in a 10 team, H2H, 9 category keeper league and our 6 keepers are due tomorrow at midnight. As of right now I’m keeping Cousins, Drummond, Wiggins, McCollum, and Aldridge. My hope is to build a team thats strong in 5-6 categories to get the W for the week (Pts, Rebs, Blk, FG%, and TOs are my strongest areas I believe).

    My remaining options for my last spot are: Parsons, Rubio, M Gasol, and Beal. I’m leaning Rubio because I have the 2nd pick in the draft and could take Dunn there. But Simmons could be there as well (I see you’re not an Ingram guy).

    Who do I keep and who do like most at #2?

    Thanks for your time…loving the site!

    • October 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Generally speaking I want to keep the most valuable players, so for me the keeper decision is easy… Rubio. You can trade him / others after to find the best H2H strategy, though IMO Drummond needs to be on a punt FT team.

      As for the #2 pick, I prefer Dunn for win now teams and Bender for rebuilding teams. Since Ingram seems to be a popular #2, you might be able to trade back and pick up something extra.

      • csw76
        October 6, 2016 at 12:00 pm

        Thank you for the response. Much appreciated!

  5. csw76
    October 6, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I really appreciate these dynasty rankings. Not a lot out there on the world wide web so this is a great help!

    Question: I’m in a 10 team, H2H, 9 category keeper league and our 6 keepers are due tomorrow at midnight. As of right now I’m keeping Cousins, Drummond, Wiggins, McCollum, and Aldridge. My hope is to build a team thats strong in 5-6 categories to get the W for the week (Pts, Rebs, Blk, FG%, and TOs are my strongest areas I believe).

    My remaining options for my last spot are: Parsons, Rubio, M Gasol, and Beal. I’m leaning Rubio because I have the 2nd pick in the draft and could take Dunn there. But Simmons could be there as well (I see you’re not an Ingram guy).

    Who do I keep and who do like most at #2?

    Thanks for your time…loving the site!

  6. csw76
    October 11, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Hello again…hoping I can pick your brain one more time.

    I had a surplus of picks and was able to move up to #1 overall in our dynasty league. I was planning on taking Dunn because I have Rubio, but I’m having second thoughts. I think I can remain competitive this season no matter what rookie I take, so do you think passing on Simmons is a mistake?

    Thanks again!

    • October 11, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      Don’t pass on Simmons. Easy.

      • csw76
        October 11, 2016 at 12:42 pm

        Now that’s a definitive answer!

        Thanks for taking the time…it’s truly appreciated.

  7. Blizzard Ball
    October 13, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    Nice to see you venturing further into other sports. Been a huge fan of your’s since you taught me how to rebuild a keeper baseball team.

    It appears you have left Evan Turner off your list. Was this on purpose? He is destined for 28-32+ minutes a year this season playing with the starters and leading the reserves. With his ability to fill the stat sheet in all categories he should easily make the top 200, if not the top 125 in both roto and H2H formats. Thanks again and good luck!

    • October 13, 2016 at 9:48 pm

      You’re probably right that Turner deserves to be on this list, but I woud look to sell to anyone that is excited about his almost-starter-minutes, because he always lacks efficiency and he is a poor shooter from 3.

      I’m more cranky about omissions such as Embiid and Powell. Turner is probably in his finals months of fantasy relevance. He’s a bad real life player

  8. […] list should be expanded to three by adding Kris Dunn. For reference, you can find our complete #Dynasty200 rankings written by Tom Trudeau, which has Dunn ahead of Ingram. Here I have broken down my Top 10 dynasty […]

  9. Norm
    October 24, 2016 at 11:13 am

    I know you said Embiid was an omission. About where do you think you’d slot him on the list?

    • October 24, 2016 at 11:55 am

      He’s a tough rank that leaves a lot of room for subjectivity given the health risk. There’s no doubt he was a blue chip prospect and has flashed in preseason and workout tapes with some impressive athleticism and shooting touch that I didn’t expect to see.

      I’d probably have him at the end of tier 7 and would not let him fall any more than the end of tier 9.

  10. […] This is part two of the top 25 dynasty rookie rankings. For part one, please click here. For our complete #Dynasty200 rankings, which differ from this list, please click here. […]

  11. seanman
    October 26, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    One more question: is it safe to assume by your rankings that if you were offered Nerlens Noel for Otto Porter in a 9-cat dynasty league (on face value, without consideration of teams needs), you’d take it and run?

    • October 26, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      @Sean for H2H leagues, yes. For roto leagues it’s a tougher call. Basketball Monster prefers Porter’s overall roto contributions for example.

      It’s a great time to buy Noel as I expect the 76ers will address their silly big man log jam sooner rather than later.

      • seanman
        October 26, 2016 at 1:29 pm

        It’s head to head, so I guess I’ll take it! Thanks.

  12. Jeff Cotterill
    November 11, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Rebuilding mode 16 team dynasty – 8 Cat H2H – my only 2 main building pieces are Hayward and K Irving – along w other pieces like A Gordon/ A Len/ C Zeller/ G Harris/ T Lyles/ N Noel/ Beal/ Middleton – curious would u trade Hayward or Irving to try to gather more long term pieces or hold them and build around them – and what underrated younger pieces would u go after. If u would trade them should I go for smaller 2 for 1 deals or shoot for a Simmons or Embiid for them….thanks….

    • November 11, 2016 at 12:04 pm

      Jeff – great question. Even though Irving is young and someone that can be a part of your next contending team in theory, he still offers you the potential to unlock players who have more future value than present value and therefore a chance to profit long term. I would not rule out trading him. Hayward isn’t burning a hole in your pocket, but I’d look to use both of them to unlock a super-duperstar.

      I don’t know how deep the rosters go in your league or how many players you keep (all of them?), but in general I recommend using your big pieces to consolidate into high-end, blue-chip talent. Simmons is a great target since he necessarily has almost no present value. I still prefer Kyrie to Embiid, even for a rebuilding team, because Embiid’s health risk looms, but if you can get him for Hayward then that’s a swap I would make. My first move would be to see if you can package Kyrie and Hayward for KAT, then look at Simmons, D’Angelo Russell or KP. I’d want to get more, but ultimately might do that 2 for 1 to get the kids. You can make a case for Wiggins in that group, but where are the steals and blocks???

      Among cheaper options (1 for 1’s for Hayward or maybe you can get a 2nd piece back)… Dragan Bender would be my number one target since he has 0 present value and isn’t that popular, but offers immense upside. It may be too late given the week he has had, but Otto Porter is legit. He was always a highly rated prospect, but injuries slowed his development. I’d prefer Porter to Hayward. Rondae Hollis Jefferson has had a really poor start, but I’d buy with confidence and I think he can be a high floor, top 50 guy by the end of the year with upside for more long term. As with Bender, I think you can get more than just him for Hayward.

      Nikola Jokic owners have to be going crazy and I would buy low on him with confidence. I don’t think you need to give up Kyrie for him, but if I were rebuilding and redrafting… I just might prefer Jokic.

      Guys who MIGHT be on waivers of interest: Tyus Jones is showing sweet fantasy skills (dimes, steals and 3’s) in his audition with Rubio out and I expect that clutter to clear itself out in the next 12 months. Ivica Zubac could become the Lakers starter by the end of the year and has the nice modern center game (space the floor and protect the rim). I would stash Ante Zizic (Celtics 1st round stash) if you have the roster space He graded out well as a prospect and is off to a good start overseas. Wade Baldwin has elite steal and block rate for a guard and by end of the year may be playing alongside Conley. Thon Maker is a bit of a wild card, but who do the Bucks have long term at center? Justin Anderson has modest upside, but worth a roster spot in favor of your meh vets. DeJounte Murray is a boom / bust toolsy point guard in the D League who could start in San Antonio next year. And keep an eye on Chris McCullough (Nets big with serious defensive fantasy cat skills) and Jacob Poetl if Jonas V can’t stay healthy.

      • November 11, 2016 at 12:05 pm

        Oh, actually I’d first see if Giannis can be had for Kyrie and Hayward. Forgot about him…

        • Jeff Cotterill
          November 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm

          Thanks a ton for the thorough response – here’s an offer we have out there let me know your thoughts
          I give Kyrie/ A Len
          I get – D Russell/ Bender/ Capela

          Based on your rankings it looks like you’d rather Capela big time over Len – I’m not really worried about the FT% right now as I’m just trying to build pieces.

  13. Jeff Cotterill
    November 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    Thanks a ton for the thorough response – here’s an offer we have out there let me know your thoughts
    I give Kyrie/ A Len
    I get – D Russell/ Bender/ Capela

    Based on your rankings it looks like you’d rather Capela big time over Len – I’m not really worried about the FT% right now as I’m just trying to build pieces.

    • November 11, 2016 at 8:48 pm

      Love it. I’m down on Capela since it looks like the Rockets don’t trust him with starters minutes. I don’t have a ton of confidence about Len vs Capela, but getting Russell and Bender would be sweet.

      • Jeff Cotterill
        November 12, 2016 at 6:18 am

        I got that deal now looking into a Simmons for Hayward deal and looks like I might be able to pull that off…have 3 1St rd picks out this yrs draft including my own which will be in the top 3 probably 1St….thanks again

        • Jeff Cotterill
          November 12, 2016 at 5:11 pm

          OK so next step in the transition- was offered Simmons and Michael Kidd- Gilchrist for Hayward…..I kind of have to take that right…I feel like I’m getting my team but definitely will have some big future pieces

          • November 12, 2016 at 5:35 pm

            Yes, definitely take it!

          • Jeff Cotterill
            November 29, 2016 at 3:31 pm

            OK so unfortunately the Hayward for Simmons/ MKG deal fell through and I have no shot at Simmons now because he was traded and I can’t pry him from the guy who has him. Here’s another deal on the table that doesn’t have the same upside – but given what we talked about above- complete rebuild – would you do this deal…I like Capela a lot but he has to be in the deal.

            I give up Hayward/ Capela/ Leuer
            I get M Turner/ M Smart/ C Parsons

          • November 29, 2016 at 3:59 pm

            Can do.

          • Jeff Cotterill
            November 29, 2016 at 4:03 pm

            Not sure what that means – would you stand pat or go for it? Also would you rather give up A Gordon now than Capela? Thanks again!

          • November 29, 2016 at 4:04 pm

            I’d rather give up Capela. I would make that swap for Turner.

          • Jeff Cotterill
            November 29, 2016 at 4:06 pm

            OK thanks – I feel it gives me the upside of Turner but Smart has a lot of upside eventually as well and Parsons could come back to the player he was – so 3 potential top 50ish players – Leuer is almost a sell high – I don’t see him doing much more than he is now…

          • Jeff Cotterill
            November 30, 2016 at 9:00 am

            So here’s my team after these deals – let me know if you see anything that jumps out at you that I should try to do….thanks again for the help….maybe like a Beverly/ Bayless/ Jennings/ C Lee for a lower tier prospect?

            PG – D Russell/ M Smart/ P Beverley/ J Bayless/ B Jennings
            SG – B Beal/ G Harris/ C Lee/ M Brogdon/ A Burks
            SF – A Gordon/ K Middleton/ C Parsons
            PF – C Zeller/ T Lyles/ N Noel/ D Bender
            C – M Turner

  14. November 30, 2016 at 9:51 am

    I would still be looking to move Parsons, Burks, Lee, Jennings, Bayless and Bev for prospects. Presumably the best you’ll be able to do for any of them besides Parsons are speculative guys. A good way to identify decent bets is to look at their Pelton WARP projections and CARMELO forecasts and then target the ones that aren’t getting plating time.

    I’d also add the Celtics’ Ante Zizic.

    • Jeff Cotterill
      December 9, 2016 at 10:55 am

      So crazy question – with all this rebuilding a guy wants to give me Kemba for M Turner – I know if I was winning now this would be a no brainer but since at best I’m a contender next year I don’t think I pull the trigger – he’s stacked at PG and needs a big so he’s floored I’m leaning no on this – should I do and use that leverage ofKemba to get a lot? My thought is no – what say you? Thanks a ton for all the help

      • December 9, 2016 at 10:59 am

        If you’re looking at 2017-2018 before you have a chance to contend then I’d just chill with Myles Turner. If you can extract more, I’d think about. Turner isn’t that far away in terms of 9 category present value and there’s way more playing time upside and player development left.

        • Jeff Cotterill
          December 9, 2016 at 12:27 pm

          Awesome – thanks for the assistance!

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