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Trader’s Corner: Do You Have the Guts to Win?

Many fantasy leagues share a July 31st trade deadline with MLB. Most of those leagues saw a flurry of trades in those last few days. I prefer leagues with later trade deadlines or no deadline at all. Trading is a big part of the fun of fantasy baseball so I think we should let it ride as long as possible.

This week we are seeing a lot of elite prospects change hands. Some teams are even letting go of Kris Bryant and Xander Bogaerts. Presumably those are teams with a strong chance to win their league this year who feel like they need to sell the future to bolster their chances for glory this year. If you play in a tough, strong league you need to capitalize on your chances to win a championship while you can. It doesn’t happen every year. Who knows how injuries will affect you in the future? Who knows how good your roster will be in two, three or five years from now? You don’t want to look back three years from now when your team is not winning even though you kept Kris Bryant and kick yourself for not grabbing that championship in 2015 when you had the chance but chickened out.

The veteran players you can obtain for prospects can be traded next year too. So if you have to trade elite prospect Corey Seager for old man Nelson Cruz in order to win the league this year, just do it and don’t despair. Make the trade, celebrate the championship, collect your prize money, then spend the winter or spring trying to trade Nelson Cruz for a top prospect or young stud. Don’t be afraid to do what you have to do to win. Victory goes to the bold.

By the way, use the form just above the comments section at the bottom of the page to submit your trades for us to vote on next week. Send in any interesting trades from your leagues so we can judge them! Now it is time to put some real fantasy trades to the test to find out if the trades were good or bad.

Time to Vote: (As always, vote for the players you would rather have…)

The first trade was sent in by RotoLando from his 16-team, two catcher league that uses “LOTS of categories” for scoring purposes.

[polldaddy poll=9016873]

This one is from Q in a 16-team, H2H, 5×5 league with OPS and QS instead of AVG and W:

[polldaddy poll=9016876]

These next two came from Ken in an 18-team dynasty points league with 25 major and 15 minor league players. No salaries:

[polldaddy poll=9016881]

[polldaddy poll=9016882]

Joe Mann wants our opinion. He is in a 10-team, 5×5 roto dynasty league with 25 man rosters and 20 keepers.

[polldaddy poll=9016886]

Jules sent this one in. 10 team, H2H, category scoring league with 35 keepers and a 10 man farm system:

[polldaddy poll=9016890]

Don Vito sent this one for our voting pleasure. No league specifics:

[polldaddy poll=9016892]

Sonny L sent us these two trades from a 12 team, H2H league with no contracts and keep forever:

[polldaddy poll=9016896]

[polldaddy poll=9016897]

The next two came from Harvey. 20 team dynasty league with 23 man MLB roster with 20 keepers and 14 man MiLB roster with 12 keepers:

[polldaddy poll=9016901]

[polldaddy poll=9016904]

Josh posted this one. He is in a 16 team dynasty league:

[polldaddy poll=9016906]

Chris asked for a vote on his trade from a 6×6 roto league where you can keep 15, no salaries, minor leaguers are free:

[polldaddy poll=9016909]

Aaron plays in a 20 team, H2H 6×6 league:

[polldaddy poll=9016910]

Maxcd99 plays in a Yahoo 12 Team, H2H, 6×6 league with OPS replacing batting average, and XBH and QS being the two additional categories. 26 Keepers, 30 player active roster, 5 DL, 5 minors. You can have more than 5 minors players but they take up a roster spot:

[polldaddy poll=9016911]

Spud Wevos sent this one in:

[polldaddy poll=9016912]

Spud Wevos sent this one in too:

[polldaddy poll=9016913]

Share Your Thoughts

Discuss these trades in the comments at the bottom of this page. Were these good trades, dumb trades, lopsided trades? You can ask my opinion on a trade as well. Follow me on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

Submit Your Trades!

Want us to vote on YOUR trade? Send in any trades you want us to consider and I will put them in the next Trader’s Corner column. Be sure to include any background info that could affect the trade. Submit your trade using this contact form:

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Nick Doran also writes for Fake Teams and Redleg Nation. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

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Nick Doran

Nick Doran


  1. August 10, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    Uggh, I’d been trying to trade Nelson Cruz for a month, and finally settled on Smyly, Paulsen, and Nottingham….my next best offer was Dahl and Kingham. Some stingy owners in my league….

  2. Michael
    August 11, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    My deadline is tonight! Would you trade Chris Davis for high 1st round pick in 2016, probably top-5, Alex Reyes, and Sean Manaea?

    • August 11, 2015 at 9:17 pm

      Depends on who is available in the draft. Will it be just 2015 MLB draft picks and international free agent signings? I like Alex Reyes a lot. I would lean toward not making that trade. I would keep Davis or try to find a better return.

  3. jules
    August 12, 2015 at 12:39 am

    Just was offered mike montgomery, Dalton pompey and Albert almora for judge and story. Definitely no right? I feel like that isn’t enough just for judge alone.

    • August 12, 2015 at 6:09 am

      I agree. Decline the offer and keep Judge. He is by the far the best player in that group.

  4. Josh
    August 14, 2015 at 1:03 am

    I’m making a push for the playoffs as i went from being 28 games out to 4 games out in a month..

    I made this big trade, i felt i needed an ace to pair with Cueto and an impact bat

    I traded two lottery picks (for me they were going to be Victor Robles and Amir Garrett) Shelby Miller, Joe Ross (Not a fan of them because of their arm slots) George Springer, jesse winker, henry owens and raimal tapia

    I acquired Sonny Gray and Carlos Gonzales…
    so now my outfield is Soler, Gonzalez, Marte and maybin as my fourth

    what do you think of that trade?

    also i am being offered Granderson for Maybin… Granderson adds more value right now but is there still long term value to be had in maybin?

    • August 14, 2015 at 1:19 am

      I love Springer but he isn’t helping you gain ground for a playoff spot. I think he is the only guy in that deal that you will regret trading away. I am not a fan of Miller. I like Victor Robles but he is a huge wildcard right now, as is Tapia. If you want to get studs to help you win this year you have to give up something good. I think the deal was a win for you. Hopefully it pays off with a championship.

      I would trade Maybin for Granderson without thinking twice.

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