The Calm Before the Rankings Storm

You’ve probably noticed that it’s been a little quieter than usual around here over the last week or so. And for good reason. The Dynasty Guru staff is putting the finishing touches on the 2014 consensus rankings, which start to roll out tomorrow. Excitement!

Everyone has been hard at work on both the rankings and the commentary that you are about to see. Even Joldstein. And all that work is going to show through in the product, which I am very proud of. However, since the first post on catchers doesn’t go up until tomorrow, I’m going to take this opportunity to plug a couple of things that I highly recommend (and not just because I’m involved in most of them–you know me better than that).

-A week and a half ago at Baseball Prospectus, I published my Top 50 2013 Signees for Dynasty Drafts list. It’s not the world’s greatest list this year, but there are still plenty of names to pay attention to–and a bunch of high-octane guys at the top.

-We’re now two episodes into a brand new podcast that covers entirely long-term keeper/dynasty formats. It’s called There Is No Offseason (TINO) and features myself, Craig Goldstein, Ben Carsley and Mauricio Rubio. This is the podcast out there for dynasty leaguers, and think you’ll greatly enjoy it. It’s also on iTunes, but if you want the direct links, here you go:

Episode 1 – Like a Compact DiscEpisode 2 – I’m a Star

-We’re also two episodes into the new flagship BP podcast featuring myself and Mike Gianella called Flags Fly Forever. Like TINO, we’re on iTunes, but links ahoy:

Episode 1
Episode 2

-Finally, if you’re into Scoresheet, there are three brilliant minds tackling the format position-by-position over at Baseball Prospectus. They just wrote their first piece (which has a podcast for further information) on catchers last week.

Hopefully this will help hold you over until about 7am tomorrow morning, when the first round of dynasty league rankings reach out from your computer and put their hand on your shoulder, letting you know everything is going to be just fine. Unless you’re a big Patriots or 49ers fan, in which case you probably need a few more hugs.

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One comment on “The Calm Before the Rankings Storm

  1. chrevan says:

    you are right about the extra hugs man

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